Sunday, July 18, 2021

 Dear Kids,

I wore my chemo pump from Tuesday to Thursday, and then Friday was my “bad” day, but it could have been worse.  Lots worse.  Thanks for all your prayers for me.  And the prayers of your kids.  (Donna heard Dallin pray “Bless Grandma Christy that she can breathe and that her toe will grow back.”) I’ll have three more rounds of chemo, one every two weeks, and then hopefully my tumors will have shrunk and I’ll be able to breathe better.  

Yesterday we drove to Mirror Lake with Sharon and her kids because Donna’s and Nora’s families were camping there.  We were only there for the afternoon and evening, but that included hiking around the lake, kayaking, tinfoil dinners, and lots of noise and mayhem.  In fact, when we were first driving around looking for the campsite, we finally saw a group of small boys swinging sticks, and we knew we were there.  But it was so much fun!  And what a gorgeous spot.  Thanks, Donna, for planning so far in advance.  You have to reserve those campsites on New Years Day.

And then, of course, Bear Lake is coming up.  I talked to Al a few days ago and he said he was working out the details, so you should get your food assignments pretty soon.  I think we’ll be doing our usual schedule: Friday at the lake, and then Saturday activities here and there around the area.  Dad and I will only be there Saturday, since I’ll be having chemo again that week.  

We’re enjoying having Sharon and Lucy and Conrad here for a few days.  On Friday Conrad went to the Heber airport with Dad to help John put his glider together and then launch it.  Conrad said it was awesome.  Friday night Sharon went to Food Town to get things for her tinfoil dinners and she ran into Nora!  Nora’s family was on the way to Mirror Lake then, and Nora was shopping for the same things.  Small world!

I hope you’re all lovin’ these long summer days.  Life is good!  Mom