Sunday, August 8, 2021

 Dear Kids,

Whoa, what a party!  I’m talking about Julie’s wedding, and our luncheon, and the reception at that wonderful house in their ward.  We devoured a lot of food and visited with a lot of people and overall felt very happy.  Trouble is, this wedding sets a very high bar for all our other grandkids, when it’s their turn.  But of course the important part is just that they’re married now, and I’m sure they’ll have a wonderful life together.

Here’s something cool from a letter Chandra Garcia wrote to me when they got home to Arizona: “We heard one of your kids interviewed on our last day in SLC.  Natalie was bored and started fooling around with my mom’s radio.  Suddenly she was shouting, “Lieutenant Allen Ackerson, Lieutenant Allen Ackerson!”  Could it be?  The officer was recounting a hit and run accident in a Target parking lot.  When he described the injuries as “a human crayon of abrasions (meaning the color red) I just knew Lieutenant Allen Ackerson had to be one of yours.”  Well, of course Allen is one of ours!  Al, your fame has spread far and wide!  BTW, the all-knowing Natalie Garcia not only knows all you kids’ names, but she has a cat named Nora.   And she named that cat before she even knew about our family! 

We’ve really been enjoying having Sharon and Lucy and Conrad here again for the last few days.  Too bad their visit has to end so soon.  Tuesday we’re driving them to Centerville, and Wednesday they fly home.  Seth and Charlie and Matthew left on the same schedule last week.  They got home just fine, and Seth reported that both Charlie and Matthew connected with the friends practically the moment they hit the ground.  Poor Maryland teenagers, being deprived of Charlie and Matthew for nearly four weeks! 

I’ll be starting another infusion on Tuesday, and  Sharon will be coming to my appointments with me.  She did an oncology rotation during the last school year, so she knows all about my routine.  Normally Dad comes with me, but this time we’ll leave him in Centerville getting a haircut from Nora.  Life is good!  By the way, I’ve only had two out of four infusions, but my breathing is so much better than before that there’s no comparison.  Thanks so much for all your prayers!

Lots of love, Mom