Tuesday, August 3, 2021


The wedding is almost here!   Crazy how fast kids grow up.  To help things flow, there are 4 parking groups for the family reception starting at 6:30 this Saturday.  If you could figure out which one your family falls into and park accordingly, it will help us use the limited parking well.  There will be ushers starting at 6:00 to help you know where each parking lot is located.  Just let them know which lot you need.  
Information from Heather about the wedding:

We are excited to see you all!! Thank you ahead of time for all your willingness to help!  I will reach out to you individually for specifics for those that let John know your family is available (Nora, Vanessa, Donna, Tom).  If others want to help, let me know and you’ll get an assignment;).  Remember family photos start at 6:30.  Thank you! 


1.Extended family staying through clean up - park behind house in the lower barn lot and on the driveway behind the house. The driveway can fill all the way up, but we cannot leave until every one parked in this area leaves because it is to narrow.
2. Older extended family not staying through clean up - park in upper barn lot and take shuttle car
3. Younger extended family not staying through clean up, but leaving around 7:30 - park in the field lot (need to be leaving around 7:30)
4. Extended family staying past 7:30 but not through clean up - park on the road.  Take the shuttle if you would like.