Sunday, October 17, 2021

 Dear Kids,

Dad had a great time on his short trip to San Diego.  He flew down there last Tuesday afternoon, and then he and John drove John’s car back on Wednesday.  It’s a long drive, from San Diego to here, and they started later in the morning, but they sped along pretty well, and Dad was home about 11 pm.  Both our cats really missed him, because he gives Sonia treats and he brushes Scout–things I don’t do.  They were at loose ends while he was gone, and glad to have him back.  I was glad to have him back, too.  This house is awfully quiet when you rattle around in it alone.

Tom did some detective work to find out where the new Heber temple is going to be.  He studied the tax records for Heber valley and discovered that the church’s holding company owns a 20-acre property at Mill Road (1200 East) and 1500 South.  He even showed it to us on Google Earth.  It’s agricultural now.  He says there’s enough room for a temple and a stake center, and they can share the parking lot.  Tom said that in elders’ quorum somebody asked where they thought the new temple would be, and he told them, and everybody laughed.  I think Tom’s going to have the last laugh, but we’ll wait and see.

Church is definitely different in this part of the world, although the Gospel is always true.  I especially notice that in the stories people tell in their testimonies, like one man saying the friendships in our ward are as strong as baling wire.  (You know, the wire they use to bale hay.)  Last Sunday one of our counselors was talking about bringing his cows down from the mountain, getting them ready to go to their winter pasture. He said they have a path they can follow, or they can follow the fence, but they tend to stray away.  He said we’re like the cows, not always wanting to stay on the path.  Good analogy–but this isn’t something we ever would have heard back in West Valley.

Sharon’s doing really well in her nursing program.  I talked to her about it a couple of weeks ago, and I asked her about a test I knew she was going to take.  She came out near the top of the class.  Go, Sharon!  I’m proud that she’s doing so well.

Next Sunday afternoon is super Sunday at John’s house.  We’ll meet at 4 pm instead of our usual 3 pm time, and as always, you can bring whatever you like.  I’m really looking forward to it.

What a terrific family we have!  Love, Mom