Sunday, October 3, 2021

 Dear Kids,

My sisters and I had a wonderful time at Bonnie’s Arizona house.  We flew down there Thursday afternoon and came back yesterday.  It was fun to leave from the dinky Provo airport and fly into the Mesa airport, which is only slightly bigger.  Bonnie’s house is only about 10 minutes away from there, and needless to say, it’s gorgeous.  There’s a pool and a guest house and an outdoor kitchen and a putting green and a sports court and so much more!  We felt very glamorous, just staying there.  Oh, yes, and Ty Detmer lives around the corner.  He and his family aren’t there during the hottest part of the summer, but they had come back–I saw their garbage cans were out.  Bonnie says they’re really nice, and Ty will let you take a picture with him.  I walked past their house on both my early morning walks, but I didn’t see anybody.  No matter; my sisters and I had a great time talking and eating and driving around.  I hope we can do it again.

Dad and I finally caught the raccoon!  It was our fifth night trying.  We kept both our cats in for the night and set the trap with dry cat food.  About two in the morning I went down to check, and there was the neighbors’ cat, yowling to be let out.  So we released her and reset the trap.  About six am we checked again, and there was the raccoon in the trap, looking angry and confused.  We loaded the trap in the back of the truck and drove him about 15 miles up the canyon.  It’s supposed to be illegal to transport a raccoon, but I don’t care.  We weren’t about to shoot him. When we found the right spot we  took out the trap and put it down and released him.  He took off like a shot!  I didn’t know raccoons could run so fast!  I hope we’re done with the raccoon problem, and Dad returned the trap to his cowboy friend, but we know what to do now, if we need it again.

Sterling flew off to Honduras Monday night, but I haven’t heard anything about his arrival.  I’m sure he’s doing fine, and he’ll be a great missionary.  Adelaide’s farewell is December 26, the day after Christmas.

Thanks to Paul and Stefanie for hosting Super Sunday last week.  It was lots of fun!  Next time we’ll meet at John’s house, on October 24.   Mark the date!

Lots of love, Mom