Sunday, November 28, 2021


Dear Kids,

Thanksgiving was fantastic.   Thanks to all of you who came to the cabin, and to those of you who were elsewhere–we missed you!  Thanks for the wonderful food you all fixed.  I was glad I could make my usual pumpkin and chocolate pies, and I had enough energy to get through the day.  I brought home the turkey carcass for the magpies, and within a few minutes there were about 20 gathered around, flapping and squawking.  An hour later, the turkey bones were picked clean.  The next morning a crowd of about 80 showed up at the same spot, but there was nothing left.  A neighbor dog had chewed up the bones by then, and there wasn’t even a scrap of gristle left.  Thanks, Donna, for cooking it so well.  Even the magpies couldn’t get enough.

Paul and Stefanie and their kids stayed over at our house Thursday night, and we had a lot of fun with them.  Paul had me get out our old lego collection, and he found the directions for a creature that was his.  He managed to put it together by sorting all the legos into colors and then finding the parts he needed.  Josh helped by building an airplane sort of thing.  Chloe just played with pieces. 

The next main event is probably the Messiah sing-in at Tom’s church on December 12 at 7 pm.  The after-party will be at Tom’s house, and if you want to bring something, contact Kim.  I’ve really enjoyed the Messiah practices, especially now that I know the songs better.  Handel didn’t write music for wimps.

And the cousins’ Christmas party at Nora’s will be coming up soon.  I’ll find out the date and put it in my next letter.  It’s always a wild riot, although sometime it ought to get tamer, since the little kids are growing up. 

Adelaide’s mission farewell will be the day after Christmas, December 26, at Nora’s church.  I’ll find out the exact time and put it in one of my next letters.  Jacob’s farewell will probably be on January 9.

Dad is writing out Christmas checks as I type this.   We’ll probably mail them.  Since we’re old-fashioned enough to use checks, we can also be old-fashioned enough to use the US postal system.  No venmo for us on something as sentimental as Christmas money.

Lots of love to everybody, Mom