Sunday, November 14, 2021


Dear Kids,

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day, Dad and I took a short hike along the Jordanelle Trail.  We can’t hope to come up to the level of you super Grand-Canyon hikers, but we went about a mile and a half in each direction.  We’ve never seen the reservoir so low–lots of it is a gigantic mud flat.  In fact, a couple of vehicles were stuck in the mud down there, and we had fun watching people try to pull them out.  In spite of the mud, though, it’s still one of the most beautiful places on earth.  My poor toe did OK on the hike, but my hip reminded me that it had been replaced just a year ago.  I guess, when you’re old, things take a really long time to heal.

I had a CT scan on Friday, because I’m going to see Dr. Lewis this Thursday.  I’m sure he’ll have me go back on chemo, because my lung tumors are making it hard for me to breathe again. The chemo worked so well last time, I’m sure it will work again.  Thanks for all your prayers in my behalf.

Sharon has registered for her very last semester in nursing.  It seems like it’s gone by fast, but then I’m not Sharon.  Right now she’s doing a round of labor and delivery, and she’s really enjoying it.  “Especially the babies,” she says.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she went to work in that area when her schooling is over.  You should always do what you love, if you can.

Sometime in the next couple of weeks, Dad will be giving each of you a check for Christmas.  I know checks are terribly antiquated, and he wanted to just do Venmo, but it seems to me that Christmas money should be special.  Venmo just automatically goes into your account, and I don’t want it to be so automatic.  If we could give you handfuls of money, I’d like that best of all.  I miss the days when we bought presents for all of you, but it just isn’t possible any more, as you know.

Tonight is the second Messiah practice.  Last week hardly anybody was there, except for Tom and myself and a handful of others.  One really loud soprano turned out to be one of Tom and Kim’s hiking friends from the Grand Canyon, and they had fun talking things over.  I really love the Messiah, and I wish I could sing really loud too, and on key, and with perfect timing.  I’ve improved a lot but I still have a long way to go.

Lots of love, Mom