Sunday, December 19, 2021


Dear Kids,

The cousins’ gift party was sure fun last night.  Dad and I were only in on part of it, but everyone was having a blast.  I wish we could have gone ice skating with you kids.  The last time I skated with you was ten years ago, and it was really fun.  Donna said all her kids were out on skates, even Tommy.  What a family!  I mean all of us!

Sharon’s family turned out to be six for six on covid, meaning they ALL had it.  But their quarantine ends tomorrow, so they can get their lives back again.  I’m glad none of them were really seriously sick.

Christmas is practically upon us!  If any of you want to come to our house on Christmas eve, we’ll be having hot chocolate and pumpkin cookies, and watching Christmas videos.  Remember how we all used to troop to Grandma Allen’s house on Christmas eve?  It helped take the bounce and wiggle out of you kids.

On Christmas day Dad and I will drive around Heber valley and see what Santa brought to you local people.  The next day, Sunday, will be Adelaide’s farewell, so we’ll be driving to Centerville for that.  The meeting is at 9 am at Nora’s church, and there will be a brunch afterwards.  Be there or be square!  BTW, Jacob’s farewell will be at 9 am on January 9.  More on that later.  

My chemo infusion was from Monday to Wednesday, and I’ve been trying to pull out of it ever since.  I always expect too much!  At least my breathing has improved a lot, which makes it all worth it.  And the nice nurses.  (I always picture Sharon attending to the patients when I go in there.)  One nurse told me that my hair color reminded her of Strawberry Shortcake pops, which she loved when she was little.  I thanked her for the compliment.

So much going on, and so much fun!  I love you all!  Mom