Sunday, December 26, 2021

 Dear Kids,

Dad and I had a fantastic Christmas yesterday, and I hope you all did, too.  From what we saw driving around Heber Valley (John’s, Tom’s, and Donna’s houses) everybody got plenty of stuff.  Dad and I did, too.  Thanks for all your generosity to us.  My presents to Dad were sort of boring (tie rack, socks, bag for his tablet) but I got a rolling carry-on suitcase to take on our next sisters’ trip to Arizona.  I also got a couple of books that I read before Christmas, but I still had Dad wrap them up for me.  The best part of Christmas, though, was being with so many of you, and remembering the birth of Jesus, our redeemer.  The Christmas story never gets old.

Addie’s farewell is this morning at Nora’s church, on the corner of Main Street and 2050 North in Centerville.  Sacrament meeting starts at 9, and there’s no second meeting.  Addie will be set apart directly after, in the high council room, and  we’re all invited.  Then there will be a brunch at Nora’s house.  Of course we can inspect all their Christmas presents that might still be sitting around.  I especially want to see the hovercraft they got.  I want to try it out, too.  

Sharon’s family got over their covid in time to really enjoy Christmas.  Sharon got to take the final she missed, and she got a 90!  This has been her best semester yet.  Go, Sharon!  Who thought she would already be 3/4 finished? 

As far as I know, there isn’t going to be any regular, organized sledding party at the cabin this year.  I know we normally get together right after Christmas, but I’m having an infusion tomorrow and haven’t been in any shape to organize a party.    Donna said something about sledding on the 30th, and Nora had a sledding party with her friends already. I hope you’ll all take the chance to sled and snowshoe and enjoy the winter beauty of the cabin while you can.  We’ve had 20 good years there already, but who knows how long it will last.  Things could change quickly.  

I’m not the least bit excited about another infusion already.  My breathing is back to normal, so I’ve totally forgotten about the good effects of chemo.  Naturally I’ll go through with it, and one more after that, and then hope for two or three months of normal life again.  Thanks for all your prayers for me!

Love, Mom