Sunday, April 17, 2022

 Dear Kids,

Happy Easter, everyone.  The Party at Nora’s house yesterday was a blast, and the only hang-up was Dallin getting lost, temporarily.  Thank goodness he was only playing football with another family over in the park.  With his hoodie up, it wasn’t obvious that was him.  Dad located him.  (Dad had on a Centerville Police hoodie Allen gave him for Christmas, and he looked very official, looking for a lost child.) Dallin only felt bad that he missed the Easter egg hunt, but McKay shared his eggs with him, and several other kids did, too.  All’s well that ends well.

McKay’s baptism is next Saturday morning (the 23rd) at 10:30 at Nora’s church.  There will be a lunch afterwards at Nora’s house.  Since we’re having so many events in April, we’ve decided to put off Super Sunday until the end of May.  It’s Allen’s turn next.   It will be interesting to see where he decides we’ll meet.  All you kids have done a super job of hosting.

The first meeting of our new family book club went really well last Sunday.  I think these books can become an important part of our family culture, like Nora bringing black cookie dough to make Jenny Linski cookies, and some red for the cat’s shawl.  Everybody knew what that was all about.  Our next book, suggested by Nora, is Chocolate Fever by Robert Kimmel Smith.  I read it already, and I really enjoyed it.  It’s short and funny, and I think you’ll all like it.  There are plenty of copies in all the libraries around here.  We’ve sort of decided to hold book club on the second Sunday of each month, so it won’t be too close to Super Sunday on the fourth.  That would make our next meeting on May 8th.  I’m already looking forward to it.

Donna and Bevan have been backpacking around Boston since yesterday morning.  In the afternoon they took a trolley tour which Donna said was really interesting.  On Monday Bevan will be running the marathon, and as soon as he’s done, they’ll jump right on their plane for home.  Their kids are at Nora’s.  (If it sounds like Nora’s been busy lately, she has. And how!)  We’re hoping Bevan gets a good time on the marathon, but the bottom line is, it’s Boston!  What could be cooler?

Enjoy your Easter Sunday, and enjoy what it really means.

Love, Mom