Sunday, April 24, 2022

 Dear Kids,

McKay’s baptism yesterday was really a nice event.  Besides the baptism itself, one highlight was Dallin and McKay singing a duet.  Who knew?  Another highlight was Allen arriving in uniform with all his police gear strapped around him.  The boys were thrilled.  Al was on duty, so of course he had to have all the gear.  It was great.

Donna and Bevan got home from Boston Monday night, and all their kids had done fine at Nora’s house.  Bevan’s time in the marathon was 3:15.  BTW, Vanessa’s talking about doing the Squaw Peak Trail run on June 11.  It’s 50 miles of punishing turf.  She has new strategies for this time around, and she thinks it might not be so brutal.  Let’s hope.

Upcoming events: (1) Family book club here on May 8 at 5 pm.  We’re reading Chocolate Fever by Robert Kimmel Smith.  Be there or be square.  (2) Super Sunday on May 22, at a spot to be chosen by Allen.  We’re going to be honoring the 5 high school graduates for 2022. (Aaron, Ben, Sarah, Emma, and Del) (3) June 2, remember, is our 50th Anniversary party, probably at 6 pm, at Francis Park.  There’ll be Bam Bam barbeque and lots of fun.  (4) July 9 is the Allen family reunion at Laurie’s house in Mapleton.  I’ll have more details when it gets closer.  (5) The Ackerson family reunion will be at Bear Lake July 28-31.  Same spot–Rendezvous Beach.  One detail we didn’t know last time is that every car past #12 has to pay a $50 camping fee.  So if you can manage it, one car per family.

My last chemo was nearly two weeks ago, and I’m having a CT scan tomorrow to see how my tumors have done.  I’m betting they really shrank, because I’ve been breathing so well.  I’m sure all your prayers have been helping me, too, especially the prayers of your kids.  Heavenly Father really listens to them.

Thanks for all you kids do for Dad and me.  We really appreciate it.

Lots of love, Mom