Sunday, May 8, 2022

 Dear Kids,

It still snows at least once a week, but our grass is green and spring is here.  The cats have been rolling in the dirt.  Dad needs to get out the lawn mower and rev it up.  He’s been working on putting a new gas tank on the yerf dog, which takes him to the cabin two or three times a week.

Our family book club meets today at 5 at our house.  I’m excited to talk about Chocolate Fever.  Everybody is invited, even if you haven’t read it.  We’ll have brownies and pumpkin cookies for dessert, plus anything that anybody else brings.  It’ll be fun.

And Super Sunday will be two weeks from today, on the 22nd.  Allen can’t host after all, since he’s in charge of the police barbecue that day.  Humm.  I sort of remember the same thing happening last year.  So Donna’s turn is next, and Al will be in charge for June.  Donna, I’ve kept forgetting to ask you.  How about it, for the 22nd?

And our anniversary party on June 1 is coming up fast.  I keep forgetting to call the city to change the park to that day, (city hours are very short), but the party will go ahead no matter what.  I’m excited to have all you grown kids here, plus some of your spouses and children.  I never imagined being married 50 years.  On Friday Dad and I went to the Provo temple to do a session, and seeing  the flowers and the green grass and the fountains brought it all back to me.  Back then the temple was brand new, and now they’re already planning to rebuild it.  When we got out of the session we drove down to see the Vineyard temple that’s under construction.  That’s where we’ll go when the Provo temple is down. 

I have to give a talk about Mothers in church today.  How’s that for having a great Mothers Day?  Actually, I like talking in church.  But it’s still a little stressful and I’ll be glad when it’s over.

Lots of love to all of you.  Mom