Sunday, May 29, 2022

 Dear Kids,

What a busy and crazy and fun week we’ve had!  Well, actually, most of the craziness was on Friday.  It was Dad’s and Dallin’s birthdays, and Del’s and Ben’s graduations.  Ben’s ceremony was at 7 pm, though, which would have gotten us home around 10, so we went to his seminary graduation last Sunday night instead.  It was really nice, and they called on him to bear his testimony, along with some other kids.  Hey, it worked.  And then Friday morning early we drove to Ogden for Del’s graduation, which started at 8 am.  We met Allen and Jen and Nora there, and it was a great ceremony.  And guess whose name was called out first?  It helps to be an Ackerson!  (If there aren’t any Abbots in your group.)

Dad and I got home just in time for him to go meet John at the airport and help him put his glider together.  John had a great flight.  He went all the way to Evanston.  Meanwhile I was at the cabin trying to finish up my fire pit remodel.  I was all ready to put down the perma sand when I read the directions, which said it shouldn’t be rained on for at least 24 hours, and it shouldn’t be subject to freezing temperatures for 2 days.  Both of those things were forecasted to happen, so I covered it all with a tarp and went home.  We’ve planned hot dogs for the little kids at our anniversary party Wednesday, but there’s other ways to cook them.  

Dad hasn’t had a birthday cake yet, so Donna’s bringing one to our house tonight.  Thanks, Donna!  You’re all welcome to come help celebrate.  Dallin had his party yesterday, I think.

And then Wednesday is our anniversary party, and we’ll start eating at 5 pm.  I already ordered the food from Bam Bams, and it should taste fabulous.  Just like last summer.  The cabin is up for it!  We’re not sending out formal invitations, but if you’re reading this, you’re invited.  I’m expecting us all to have a great time.  Sharon and Monica are flying in, so all you 9 kids will be there together.

And then two weeks from today, on the 12th, is our family book club.  I’m already reading The BFG.  It’s scrumdiddilyicious.  The story moves fast, so you’ve all got plenty of time.

Allen broke his tailbone skydiving.  He’ll have to tell you the details.  There’s no stoppin’ the fun!

Lots of love, Mom