Sunday, June 5, 2022

 Dear Kids,

Thanks to all of you for making our anniversary party so wonderful!  Thanks to Sharon and Monica for flying in for the occasion.  Thanks to Kim for picking up the food!  Thanks to Sharon and Dad for decorating.  Thanks to all of you especially for coming!  It was truly a fantastic occasion.  

The next morning we drove to Pocatello for Sarah’s graduation, and it was great.  It lasted less than an hour!  They do graduations right in Pocatello.  Dad and I left before the after-party really got going, but I was way tired from the day before.  Still, we could see that a ton of hamburgers and hot dogs were going to be grilled.

Friday afternoon we drove to Alpine for Morgan James’s wedding, and it was a gorgeous occasion.  There were eight bridesmaids and nine groomsmen!  All my siblings were there except for Ben and Mark, so we had a lot of fun visiting.  I know some of you came to the reception later, where the next generation hung out.

Now Dad and I are playing catch-up.  We finished the fire pit at the cabin yesterday morning, and it was nice to put in the perma sand and spray it down, after having that project underway for so long.  My friend Lisa Elms is borrowing the cabin for her family reunion June 16-18, so I didn’t want to have such a big unfinished project in the way of all those visitors.

Coming events: Family book club will be here at our house next Sunday night, June 12.  We’re reading The BFG.  I finished it in record time because it was so good.  Be there or be square!   The Allen family reunion is barely a month away, on July 9 at Laurie’s house.  Her address is 2273 South Lookout Ridge Drive in Mapleton.  I’ll pass on any new information as it gets closer.  And of course our Ackerson reunion is July 28-31 at Bear Lake.  Monica is in charge, and she’ll get out our assignments in plenty of time.  

Look, my whole letter has been taken up with events.  What else is there?  Oh, our cats, who demand a lot of attention.  Scout has trimmed down by eating mice, and his fur is nice and glossy.  Sonia isn’t really into grasshopper season yet, but she catches flies and spiders around the house.

I know you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it!  Mom