Sunday, August 28, 2022

 Dear Kids,

Super Sunday is this afternoon at Paul’s, or rather, at the park near his house.  It’s called Chelsea Meadows, I think, and the address is 1401 North 2575 West in Layton.  Bring whatever you want, or most importantly, yourselves.  We’re meeting at 4 pm.

And this is the weekend that three out of four of our college freshmen are leaving for school.  Ben and Emma left for Snow yesterday, and Bentley is leaving for Logan this afternoon.  Sarah, who’s going to BYU Idaho, doesn’t start until September 13, because of the odd trimester system there.  All the elementary and middle school and high school kids are already back to the grind, except for Sharon’s kids.  Humm–I don’t know about Jackie.  I don’t know if they’re on the east coast system, or the west.

Yesterday afternoon Dad and I helped John plant and rake the last section of his lawn–the big part.  Three years ago I gave John a gift certificate (on his birthday) that entitled him to our help in planting his lawn.  Finally he called it due.  We were glad to be in on it.  He’s spent several weeks spreading topsoil and raking rocks and doing sprinkler heads, and finally–guess how long it took to plant and rake?  About an hour.  We were glad because it was pretty hot, but it was really satisfying to finally help him finish it.  It’s sort of late in the summer for new grass, but it’s supposed to be hot this week, and that will help it along.  

Last Monday I had my first appointment at the wound clinic, and I’m going back tomorrow.  They can’t promise I’ll be cured because (1) I have cancer, (2) I’m doing chemo, (3) I’m having avastin, and (4) I’ve had radiation to that spot.  Four strikes against me, but they’ll do what they can.  Their first line of attack is medical honey.  I know, I’d never heard of it either, but they said they’ve had  good success with it.  Every morning when I get out of the shower Dad applies the honey (from a little syringe) and then he bandages it.  I could have had home health come, but I’m sure he’s just as competent, and it’s a lot more convenient.  I don’t know if a week of honey has done much, but it seems to feel a little better.

Two weeks from today will be book club again, and we’re doing Mr. Popper’s Penguins.  I read it in one afternoon and really enjoyed it.  We might be having our S’mores night then, too.  I’ll let you know.

So much fun!  Life is good.  Love, Mom