Sunday, August 7, 2022

 Dear Kids,

Now that the family reunion is behind us, it seems like summer is over.  I know some of you grandkids will be starting school very soon, and it doesn’t seem possible.

The next big event is a week from today, August 14; Bentley will be talking in church about his mission.  The meeting starts at noon, and Tom’s church is just east of the elementary school on 500 North in Heber.  (There’s another church farther east–it’s not that one.)  The after-party is at Tom’s house, and if you want to contribute to the meal, call Kim.  

And two weeks from today, August 21, is book club at our house.  We’re reading The Summer of the Monkeys.  It seems like forever since we’ve met!  It’s a great book, and if you haven’t finished it, there’s still plenty of time.

The biggest news at our house is that Dad finally got the mouse that’s been hanging out under our refrigerator and stove.  Sonia had spent hours gazing under both places, but hadn’t done anything about catching it.  (Scout could have done it, but he’s an outside fellow.)  Dad had set traps on three different nights using peanut butter, but the mouse hadn’t touched them, so he asked his friends at the coffee club, since they seem to know everything.  They told him to use pieces of Hershey chocolate.  He tried that Friday night, breaking a little Hershey bar into bits.  It worked!  Early Saturday morning he un-set the traps and then let Sonia in.  She crept towards the dead mouse with her neck stretched out long, like she was the most ferocious hunter ever, but we weren’t fooled.  Anyway, the mouse is gone, and if his relatives show up, we know how to take care of them.

Friday night Aaron was ordained to the Melchizedek priesthood, and Dad and I were able to be there, along with the Price grandparents and all John’s family.  John did the ordination, and it was really a sweet event.  Since I had been having a tough time after my chemo, (I’d been having horrific cramps, along with a wound that won’t heal) I asked for a blessing from John and Dad.  It really helped me!  You can never doubt the power of the priesthood.  

What a great family we have!  Love, Mom