Sunday, November 27, 2022

 Dear Kids,

Thanksgiving was a blast, from what I heard.  I’m so sorry I couldn’t participate.  I was having an awful time that day with all my cancer-related pain:  my swollen lip, my new wound (on my backside, near my old one), my nosebleeds, my gut pains–it seemed like there was no end to my troubles.  I really appreciate those of you who came by to see me, and brought the Thanksgiving spirit with you.  And I’m happy to say that most of my pain is getting better now.  At least it’s improving.  I’m proud of all of you for carrying on the festivities without me.  What a family!

Our next event is the Messiah, on Sunday night, December 11.  I think there’s going to be a before-party at Tom’s house, but I’ll find out for sure and give you the details next week.  The Messiah itself starts at 7:00.  I’ll be in the audience with you guys instead of singing in the choior this year, because I’ve already missed three practices and I don’t feel good enough to go tonight.  Whatever.  The Messiah is always glorious, whether you’re singing in the choir or singing in the audience or just listening. 

The family Christmas party is Saturday, December 17.  There will be ice skating at 2 pm, dinner at 4, and the gift exchange at 5.  Nora has sent out the cousin exchange list, but if you didn’t get it, contact her.

Book club will be Sunday night, the 18th.  We’re reading A Christmas Carol by Dickens.  I thought the language was going to be too hard for the littler kids, but Donna says her family is almost finished, and they’re doing ok with it.  She’s been emphasizing the important parts, and she said, “They get it!” 

Now that the weather’s cold, Scout tries like crazy to get in.  He’s just a grey streak whooshing past Dad’s legs when he opens the door.  Then we have to track him down and put him back outside.  Sonia is very smug because of her indoor privileges.  She just smirks, with her eyes half-closed, like proud cats do. 

I’m a proud cat, too.  With such a family, who wouldn’t be?

Love, Mom