Sunday, November 6, 2022

 Dear Kids,

Ug.  I had chemo this week.  I’m pulling out of it now, but it isn’t pleasant.  John had some good advice for me, since he’s experienced chemo: “Alternate good books with good Netflix.”  We don’t have Netflix, but we have a lot of good movies, so I’m taking his advice.

Aaron is recovering OK from his appendectomy, but it’s taking time.  Jacob’s foot is gradually healing, and he has his boot off now, but John says it hurts him a lot to walk.  There’s no telling when he’ll get back to Alabama, because it depends on how his physical therapy goes.

Normally I like snow, but we’re having it way too early this year.  After all those good hikes Dad and I did, it’s hard to look out the window and see all the white stuff.  I should appreciate the moisture, since we always need it, but it’s hard to have our beautiful fall end so abruptly.  

Our next family event is book club a week from today, 5 pm here at our house.  We’re reading “Tales of a Fourth-grade Nothing.”  It’s a fast read, and terribly funny.  I expect we’ll keep having book club through the holidays.  I’d hate to miss even a month.  We rotate choosing books, from me to Nora to Kim to Donna.  If you have a suggestion and want to join us, let me know.  It’s always fun and entertaining.  I like how even the young boys are able to sit for five or ten minutes, long enough to talk about the book.

The next event is that Sharon will be coming on the 18th, maybe with Matthew and maybe not, depending on his football schedule.  I know a lot of you, including Sharon (and maybe Matthew) will be going to the BYU-Dixie game on Saturday, the 19th.  I’m afraid it’s going to be pretty cold, but there’s no stopping the fun, especially if it involves BYU football.

Thanksgiving is less than three weeks away, on the 24th.  Let me know if you want to have dinner with us at the cabin that day.  We’ll eat about one, and have pie about 4 or 5.  I’ll be making my famous pumpkin pies, of course.  I don’t know how many more years I can keep it up, though.  

We won’t be having Super Sunday again until January, because of the holidays.  When we do, it will be the fourth Sunday, at Nora’s.  So many people!  So much fun!

Love, Mom