Sunday, January 29, 2023

 Dear Kids,

Thanks to Nora for that wonderful Super Sunday last week.  I love all our get-togethers and each of you has done such a great job hosting!  Our next Super Sunday will be February 26 at Tom’s house, and our next book club will be here on February 12.  We’re reading Because of Winn Dixie, and it’s a great little book.  I’ve read it twice already.

I just talked to John, and I asked him how Jacob’s doing.  Evidently Jacob has settled in very well and he’s deep into the work.  They’re teaching a reality TV star named Cambo who has a lot of unwholesome habits to get over.  He tells his wife to hide the bad stuff when he comes into the house.  I googled “Cambo reality tv” and found out that he lives in the backwoods of Alabama along the Coosa River.  Evidently he shoots his shotgun, swims in the river, and does other woodsy things.  Go, Cambo!  Go, Jacob!

Have you guys heard about Nora’s new business?  She shops for people at Costco, and they venmo the money to her.  What’s in it for Nora?  The Rewards.  I had her buy me four bags of Utah Truffles, because Vanessa told me they’re only available around Christmas.  I wanted to stock up before they run out, and it freaks me out to go into Costco myself.  The noise is too loud, now that I have hearing aids.

We’re still dealing with the deep snow here.  Our back deck is completely snowed under, and since Sonia always went under there to do her thing, that explains why she started using the brown carpet.  We solved the problem by setting up a litter box in the garage.  (I took out the one we used to have because they weren’t using it.)   Now, with the new accommodations, she hasn’t had a single accident.  We just needed to use our brains instead of screaming at her all the time.  The snow will probably be with us a while longer, since we get an inch or two every day.  Actually, I kind of like it.  

I have to start chemo again in two more weeks, so my vacation is almost over.  I’ve been frustrated because the kinds of things I really like to do aren’t possible in the dead of winter.  I can’t work in the yard or go hiking, or even work on finishing the walls in the garage, since it’s so cold out there.  So I might as well get back to chemo.  I’m starting to have trouble breathing again, so I’m actually looking forward to it.

I appreciate all of you so much!  Dad and I are very blessed to have such a wonderful family.

Love, Mom