Sunday, January 15, 2023

 Dear Kids,

This morning Dad and I are driving to Layton to Paul and Stefanie’s ward to hear them talk in church.  Hopefully the Riebens will be there too.  It’s supposed to snow, but only 1-3 inches, which is nothing compared to what we’ve had.  There’s still about a foot and a half on the ground, and even more at the cabin.  Dad and Donna and Bevan have worked really hard to clear the cabin driveway and the two decks.  Thank goodness they’ve got a really super snowblower to work with.  (John just bought the same kind.  He clears the driveways of a couple of widows he knows, and naturally he uses the new family trailer to transport his new snowblower.)  Anyway, we’ve still got a lot of snow.

  Our friends the Garcias from Phoenix were here yesterday, and we’d promised their kids (Carson and Natalie) some great sledding at the cabin.  They’re here in Utah for the kids to learn to ski, which they’re doing today and tomorrow, but first they had to enjoy that great Utah sport, sledding.  Donna and Bevan and their kids were already at the cabin, and the boys had tracked out some new sledding runs in all the deep snow, but I finally got them to use the regular run, where they could come all the way from the top without crashing.  I tried to walk out there, but I kept breaking through the snow, and when my foot got stuck, I had to have Dad pull me out.  The kids could just walk right over the top of it!  Anyway, Carson and Natalie (and their Dad, too) had some really good sledding, while the rest of us sat in the greenhouse and watched.  Oh, yes, and Donna and Dad were still blowing snow!

Super Sunday will be next week, the 22nd, at Nora’s house, at 4 pm.  We’ll have the same plan as always–bring whatever you want, and we’ll put it all together.  We’ve still never had a Sunday with all desserts!  Or all salads or all main dishes, so it’s working really well.  Thanks in advance, Nora!

Our family book club last Sunday night went really well.  Everybody sat still for about 15 minutes, which must have been a record.  Our next book club will be February 12 and we’re reading Because of Winn Dixie.  I’m glad Nora chose it, because it’s one of my all-time favorite books.  If you get a chance to watch the movie, it follows the book almost exactly.  Both of them are great.

Dad walked into our little bathroom and came across something really odd: Sonia was using the sink as if it were a toilet.  When she was done he washed out the sink, but she was already off doing her own thing.  Later she pooped on the brown carpet, and I screamed at her and threw her out.  She says she’s tired of all the snow and wants human privileges.  I say she can hang out in the garage with Scout.

I hope you’re all doing great.  Love, Mom