Sunday, June 11, 2023

 Dear Kids,

The gravel-raking party was a big success.  Thanks to Donna, Nora, Tom, and their families, along with Allen, and also Chandra and Natalie Garcia.  Thanks especially to our nice neighbor with his tractor, who saved us hours of work.  It looks really good–nice and level and even.  Thanks again to everybody.

Adelaide is home!  Lots of you came to the airport Thursday night, but Dad and I couldn’t come because I was having a bad chemo week.  Donna showed me her pictures, though, and it looks like it was really wild and crazy.  We’re glad she made it home safely, and hope her re-entry into real life will go smoothly.  Her homecoming is today at noon in Nora’s church.  Nora’s having lots of chances to play hostess these days.

Because of the homecoming, book club is being pushed back to next Sunday, which is also Fathers Day.  No matter.  We’ll meet here at our house at 5 pm, and have our usual great discussion.  And there will be goodies, too.   The next week, the 25th, would normally be Super Sunday, with Paul hosting, but because of all the events, we’ll push it back to the end of July, or even August, because of Sarah and Sterling’s farewell/homecoming.   We’ll see how it goes.

We went to Jana McGettigan’s funeral last Tuesday, where we ran into the Fultons, the Littles, the Brian Parkers, and the Barbutos, along with several other people from our old ward.  We saw Glenn, Tyler, Sam, and Kara, too.  It was fun talking to everybody, even though it was such a sad occasion.  Actually, Dad and I really only went to the viewing, just before the funeral, because I was wearing my chemo pump and needed to stay close to home. 

On Goodreads, I reached my goal of 1,000 books this past week.  I’m going to reward myself with a one-pound box of dark chocolates from See’s or Cummings’. Naturally I won’t stop writing book reviews.  Onward and upward!

Lots of love, Mom