Sunday, September 24, 2023


Dear Kids,

Congratulations to Emma for her call to the Kansas Wichita mission.  Her service will begin January 22.  I’m just so proud of all these grandkids serving missions. I couldn’t be happier.  

Today is Grandpa Allen’s birthday.  If he were still alive, he’d be 100.  Yesterday I met with my brothers and sisters at Bonnie’s house, and we had a party in his honor.   We had BT cake with ice cream, especially for him.  All my siblings were there, even Ben from Albuquerque, and all their spouses except Monica.  I didn’t gather up any gossip, except for some news about Bonnie.  She said we all had to be out of her house by 6pm, because she had a date.  We said we wanted to stick around and check him out, and probably harass him a little bit, but when Dad and I left, everybody else was picking up their stuff, too.   I’m glad she’s having some fun in her life.

I’m still not sure if we’re doing the soup and bread dinner for conference this coming Saturday night.  I’ll check with everybody tonight and let you all know.  I can’t believe it’s already time for conference again, but it should be, because I’m on my sixth time through the talks.  You only have to read one every day to get through all of them that many times, and it really helps me with my life, especially the challenges I have now.

Book club last week was great.  For October we’re reading The Great Brain, Book 1.  It’s been several years since I read it, so I’m looking forward to going through it again.  Book club will be October 8, just two weeks away, unless something else comes along.  Then, October 22 will probably be Super Sunday again.  We’re due to meet at Tom’s this time. 

Our hikers made it out of the Grand Canyon yesterday afternoon.  Congratulations to Nora, Vanessa, Allen, Monica, and Donna for a trek well done!

I met with my radiation doctor on Thursday, and he didn’t promise me any fabulous results from radiation, but he thought it would probably help me breathe better.  I can go for that!  He said we should wait until my current block of chemo is over with, which will be October 11, and then he wanted to give it about three more weeks after that.  So it will be the end of October before anything happens.  I’m glad I have more time to prepare myself mentally. 

Life is good.  Love to all.  Mom