Sunday, September 3, 2023

 Dear Kids,

Josh’s baptism was a great event.  Thanks, Tom, for zooming it to Sharon in Maryland.  There were a couple of blips, but it seemed to work fine.  Thanks, Paul and Stefanie, for the wonderful lunch at your house afterwards.  It was fun to see the Riebens and talk to them again.

Donna says her kids are really enjoying Frindle.  She reads one chapter to them every night, and the chapters are really short, so it works out well.  If you haven’t started it yet, there’s still plenty of time, even though book club is next Sunday evening.  (Sept. 10)  Come and have fun!  It’s my turn to lead the discussion, so I’ll be throwing out candy, like always.

Super Sunday will be combined with Aaron’s farewell, at John’s house two weeks from today.  (Sept. 17.)  John says to bring your food pre-cooked, since some of his family members are super sensitive to foods that are cooking.  I think John’s church starts at 9 am, but I’m not sure, and I’m not sure on the address, so I’ll put those in next week. 

Paul is moving ahead to yet another job, but we’re not worried because every job change has been a step up for him.  He’s been hired by Gardner Engineering in Ogden, and he’ll start working for them on September 25.  He interviewed with Gardner once several years ago, but went with another choice at that time.  Go, Paul!

My cancer has been progressing, which, of course, is what cancer does.  The main tumor in my lungs used to be nicely cavitated (full of holes) and misshapen, but since my last scan it has grown by about 50% and filled in.  (All my other tumors are still cavitated. ) Dr. Lewis mentioned the idea of radiation, just on my one big tumor, and I’m supposed to be thinking about it.  I know about radiation, and I know there can be unpleasant side effects, but I’ll probably go for it.  I don’t know when it will start, if I tell them yes.  I’ll let you all know.  I really appreciate your prayers for me, and I know I’m living longer because of them.  I know the Lord especially listens to your children’s prayers.

Life is good!  Keep on doing good things, everybody.  Love, Mom