Sunday, October 8, 2023

 Dear Kids,

Book club won’t be today, but next Sunday, the 15th.  We’re reading The Great Brain, and it’s a relatively long book, compared to what we usually read.  Some of you needed more time, and it would have only been three weeks since our last discussion.  By the way, it’s the nineteenth book we’ve read since we started our book club.  If anybody wants the complete list of what we’ve read, let me know.  Congratulations to all of you for keeping it going so long.  

We’re moving Super Sunday back, too, to the 29th, because of complications with the 22nd.  We’ll be meeting at Tom’s house, and the 29th just happens to be Kim’s birthday, so we’ll all get a chance to wish her well.  I don’t know how long it’s been since we’ve been doing Super Sundays, but they’re sure working out nicely.  Thanks to all of you for opening your homes to us.

And our family Thanksgiving will be at John’s house, for sure, on Sunday, November 19th.  I’m warming up to the idea of celebrating on Sunday because we can have another dinner on the real Thanksgiving, the 23rd.  I’ve heard rumors that Tom’s going to cook a brisket that day. We’re going to have barbecue food–mac ‘n cheese and BT cake for dessert, so if you don’t have any other plans for real Thanksgiving day, you can put that on your calendar.  We’ll be eating at the cabin.  I was hoping our construction there would be finished by then, but we haven’t heard anything from our contractor this week, and we’re running out of time before winter.  By the way, are all contractors like that–they promise you everything, and then you never hear from them again?  At least when you do the work yourself, you can start whenever you want to.  I’m glad for all the years we were able to do our own work.

This last week was my good week, (I’m doing chemo again, starting tomorrow) and on Thursday afternoon we drove to Smith and Morehouse with our ministering couple, to look at the autumn leaves.  They were a really bright yellow!  It was perfect weather, and we walked part way around the reservoir.  That was the end of my fun for the week, though, because on Friday Dr. Engen burned some pre-cancers off my face, and yesterday I had a root canal where a bridge had fallen out of my mouth.  I was in the chair for more than two hours, but Dad held my hand the whole time.  He didn’t even look bored.  I was definitely not bored, with all the pain.  Dr. Condie kept having to inject more anesthetic into my mouth.  But it’s all healing now, so I’ll be in good shape for my chemo tomorrow.

Aaron goes into the Provo MTC on Wednesday, and Andy and Renae, who are greeters there, will be looking out for him.  I’m not getting Sarah’s letters, so I’ll have to contact Vanessa and get on her list.  I’m so proud of our missionaries!

Love to everybody, Mom