Sunday, October 22, 2023

 Dear Kids,

John is wrapping up his soaring for the season, since his insurance runs out the end of this month.  Yesterday we went to the airport to help him with his glider, what little we could.  My contribution was to wipe the dead bugs off his wings.  It was surprisingly easy.  He gave me a spray bottle and some paper towels, and I wiped away.  

Next Sunday, the 29th, is Super Sunday at Tom’s.  (And Kim’s birthday, too, you’ll remember.)  I assume we’ll be eating at 4pm, like usual.  I’m pretty sure Tom will be cooking up one of his barbecue specialties, like usual.  I’m sure there will be plenty of food–there always is.  Charlie Thacker is coming!  I’m really looking forward to talking to him about school.  We won’t be having Super Sunday in November, because of our two Thanksgivings, or December, because of Christmas.

Our next family book club will be on November 12, the week before our big Thanksgiving bash.  We’re reading My Side of the Mountain, one of my all-time favorite outdoor books.  I first read it at Tom and Kim’s house many years ago.  I never wanted to run away from home, like Sam Gribley, but it’s fascinating how everything works out for him.

We were sorry we couldn’t go to the temple Thursday night, but it was too late for us.  I’m sure it was a wonderful experience for Emma.  Won’t somebody upload pictures on the family thread?   I want to see how happy everybody looked.

I start radiation a week from tomorrow.  It’s about time for me to experience something new, and I don’t think it will be too bad.  BTW, Dr. Newbold prescribed Valtrex (valacyclover) to try clear up the cankers on my lip, and I started with a massive dose.  (I’m only telling this story so some of you can escape the same result.) About 36 hours later I had unbearable cramps, and it was like my insides exploded.  I fainted, and I threw up.  It took me three days to totally recover.  So, if your doctor wants you to take Valtrex, beware.  You have to be a really large person to tolerate a heavy dose.  

Such pleasant stuff!  Sorry to bore you with my troubles, but I’m hoping to save someone else from the same fate.  Luckily most of our lives are pleasant and free of pain.

Lot of love, Mom