Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Dear Kids,
     I had a lot of excitement at the cabin yesterday. There’s a pheasant with red on the top of his head, Tom, you know the one. He started following me back and forth as I wheeled dirt in the wheelbarrow, running alongside, and then getting in front of me. I reached down to see if I could pick him up, he seemed so tame. Naturally he fought back. Then he started attacking my legs and biting at my feet. I tried shoveling dirt, and he kept jumping on the shovel, and then going for my legs again. I didn’t want to hurt him, because he’s so pretty, so I kept batting him away, gently. I wheeled dirt around to the front of the cabin, and he kept after me. The faster I ran, the faster he chased me. Finally I went inside, but he waited for me, and when I came out, he attacked me again. I decided to spray weeds, trying to block him with the cannister, and he kept getting downwind of the spray. Too bad. I think it made him really sick. Later in the afternoon, there wasn’t a sign of him. Well, at least I could shovel dirt in peace.

     Dad is really having fun with the dune buggy. Now he’s always excited to go to the cabin, exactly what I wanted. Last Friday night we went for a drive up around the little loop. Hey, it’s sure faster than hiking!! Then we drove down to the river, and then over to see the alpacas. They’ve all been shaved, and they look like skinny little animal crackers. There are baby ones, too! Some dogs were guarding them, and they barked at the dune buggy until they got tired of it.
     Paul, we had a phone call from a nice woman who fed you dinner the other night. She said she told you she would call your “Mum.” Her name was Penny. I’m so glad that nice people feed you! She said you’re working hard. She thinks you and Elder Eckman are wonderful.
     Donna, I got a call from Elder Gaffney, who wanted to know how he could get a hold of you. I started giving him your phone number, but then he couldn’t find a pen to write it down, and I had to wait 5 minutes while he looked for one. I know you’re excited to hear from him. Aso, I’m supposed to tell you Hi from Aaron Rosser. He and his wife Emily were at Stacy and Derrick’s wedding reception. Also from Patrick, who was best man.
     Addie has a new, shorter haircut, way short on one side. That’s because she did it herself. Nora was all engrossed in sewing a quilt block, and Addie took the opportunity to use the scissors. I think the hairdo is cute! Nora could even it up on both sides by giving her a mullet. But instead, Nora curls it under in a page-boy, like I used to do with all you girls on Sunday. (Oh, remember those sessions with the curling iron!) I remember a lot of you kids cutting your hair, too, and each others’.
     This Sunday is Fathers Day. If you want to have dinner with us, let me know. We’ll be eating about 5:00 pm. If you want gift ideas, give me a call. I sure don’t know what I’m going to get Dad. I could never top the dune buggy. I don’t think John could top the Star Trek DVD’s, either.
As always, we’re “doin’ great and lovin’ it.”