Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Dear Kids,
     We’ve never had such crazy weather! Back in April, I drove through Parley’s canyon in a blizzard, and I promised myself it was the last one. Same thing happened in May. Yesterday, June 7th, here I was, driving over Parley’s in another blizzard. Cars off the road, the whole bit. The snow was coming sideways. I got off the interstate at Kimball Junction and wandered around Walmart for an hour, and by then it was sunny again. But when I got to the cabin, another snowstorm hit. This morning, when I left the cabin to go to Heber, I had to scrape a thick layer of frost off the car. In Heber, they’d also had frost, and Heather’s beautiful garden had some very sad-looking tomato plants in it.
     I went to Heber to watch John & Heather’s kids while John had hernia surgery. It was an out-patient operation! 20 years ago, when I had surgery for a hernia, they kept me in the hospital for three days! But John was back home again four hours after he left home. He had instructions to just watch TV for three days. Hopefully he’ll heal up OK.
      Donna reports that she’s doing fine at Jackson Lake, except that she was almost charged by a moose. There was a baby moose in the volleyball pit, just nosing around, and Donna got behind a big log and crept close with her camera, trying to get a good picture. She knew the mother was hiding behind a tree, but she thought it was OK. Then she saw the mother walking towards her, with her head down, looking very threatening. Donna got out of there quick! Donna’s been stiffed a couple of times, in the restaurant, but I hear that’s business as usual.
      Brendan Quinn finally got his mission call, to the Las Vegas West mission. It was held up for a long time, while he had extra interviews and tests by a psychologist. He has some kind of separation anxiety, and he’s a complete vegetarian, which could make missionary life kind of hard. But I’m glad they finally decided he would be OK. He goes into the MTC on July 13th. Jane said that up till now, the only boys from their ward who have gone on missions have been the ones who’ve gone to college at BYU or BYU Idaho. Brendan is the first exception. Let’s hope he makes it.
     Grandpa says that Ramona is doing fine, getting very spoiled. She considers it her job to sit in the window, looking out at the bird feeder, which keeps the birds away. I guess the sight of Ramona in a window is enough to scare the birds away. (She certainly kept the mice away at the cabin! They’re finally venturing back.) Grandpa said that Ramona disappeared for a day, but then she showed up in the garage. She always liked to do that disappearing act.
     Hey, Paul, I hope your Stop Smoking clinic goes well. Let us know if you have any success. I’m sending you a copy of our ward newsletter so you can see what’s going on.
     What a great family we have! I love you all!