Thursday, June 30, 2005

Dear Kids,
      Well, we’re down to just two cats now. Yep. I took Ethyl on a one-way trip to the West Valley animal shelter, and I paid them their “disposal fee” to send her to kitty heaven. In return they gave me a little poem on a piece of paper, about the “Rainbow Bridge” where I’ll meet my beloved pet again. But I was crying so I just stuffed the poem in my purse. So what finally brought me to take Ethyl in? She started pooping in the shop, on the floor, and I had to clean it up every day, or the basement really stank. In fact, while Dad and I were gone on our trip to the East, she created such a big pile of poop that I had to flush it down in more than one batch. You all know how she’s been senile for a long time–well, this was the last straw. I told her where she would be going, and that it’s really great there, and that she could hang out with Scarlett. I think she was OK with it. She lived 14 years at our house, and she had a pretty good life, in spite of all her deficiencies..
      Trent and Vanessa and their kids stayed here Sunday night, on their way to Spanish Fork. Trent’s grandpa Nyberg passed away on Friday, so they were going to the funeral. They had been expecting this for a while, but it was still sad. It was fun for us, though, visiting with them and seeing the kids. Sterling woke up the next morning all excited about playing with Reggie, who had probably awakened them with his screeching, but they had to get on the road. Sarah had a rash, probably from the sun or amoxicillin or her vaccinations, but she looked really cute, anyway. She likes cake! Surprise surprise. Vanessa says she just goes nuts over ice cream. Funny how that gene comes through.
      Ward news: Jimmy*Simko is finally serious about a girl. Susan, his sister, who I visit teach, says this girl really keeps him in line. She makes him eat food he doesn’t like, and she makes him help clean up, when he doesn’t want to. Sounds like it might work!       So, Paul, you don’t want your letters posted on Why not? I think they’re funny and highly entertaining, besides being inspiring and instructive. But we’ll honor your wishes, unless you tell us differently. I’ll send you the waffle recipe, if Dad doesn’t get around to it. I hope your new missionary program is effective! I hope you and Elder Eckman aren’t just standing around the chapel, when you could be eating good dinners with members. Just kidding!
      Donna thinks she now has cell phone reception at Jackson Lake–well, at least her phone beeped her last night, and today she was able to call out. If you forgot her number, because you haven’t called her in a long time, it’s 801 859 5559.
      I’ll be on a different letter writing schedule in July. Usually I write on Wednesday or Thursday, but since I’ll be at the cabin all month, I’ll probably send my letter out on Saturday or Monday. You can check on if you’re not sure I’ve sent it. I’m looking forward to our month in the hills! Dad is going to be there the first week, and the third and the fourth. Tom and his family are going to be there for the second week, and maybe Sharon and Seth, for part of that time. I checked with the log man, and it turns out we have to put the upright logs on the corners before we can do the siding. He’s trying to get them for us, and hopefully we’ll have them delivered next Tuesday. Since Dad and I will only be there until Thursday night (Carly’s wedding is on Friday,) we’ll probably just do the uprights during that time. Then I’ll wait until the next Monday morning, when Tom is there, to cut the bands on the unit of siding, because once it’s cut, the wood has to be put up in 2 or 3 days. You need two people to do it, but a third person would really help, and it would go faster. So, if anybody wants some vacation time along with a fun work party, come to the cabin and help! Nora said she might come with her kids, probably the 3rd week. Anybody is welcome any time! I’ll pay for your gas! It will be fun! Let me know if you can come, and when!
      Aren’t we all “doin’ great and lovin’ it?!!!”
      Love, Mom