Thursday, May 3, 2007

Dear Kids,
      Here’s a news flash: the three ‘88 boys all have their mission calls! Austin James is going to Nashville, Tennesse, leaving June 27th. Matt Allen is going to Richmond, Virginia, leaving July 11th. David Tregaskis is going to New Jersey, probably about the same time. And Matt’s farewell will probably be the weekend of Monica’s wedding. Richard and Jeanne are coming from Canada, to have his farewell in their old South Jordan ward, and they’ll want to have it just before he goes into the MTC. So the fun events will be piled close together this summer.
      Speaking of missionaries, I was cleaning up my stuff at the cabin yesterday, getting ready to go home, and the doorbell rang. That hardly ever happens. Never, actually, unless the grandkids ring it. So I went to see, and it was the missionaries, out door-knocking! They had parked their car down at the bottom of the hill, and were having a great afternoon hike, wandering around to the different cabins. I wanted to say, “Don’t you guys have any real work to do?” but of course I was polite. I told them to go visit Dave Matheny and the Galmores.
      Our bike ride on Antelope Island Monday night was lots of fun. The scenery is beautiful–lots of tall grass, sagebrush, big rocks, and blue sky. We saw antelope, buffalo, and rabbits. I had hoped the road would run along the shore line, and therefore be nice and flat, but it winds over the hills. So we huffed and puffed some of the time, and coasted downhill the rest of the time. At the start, Allen had told us there was a good reason why bikers wore spandex. And had good bikes. He said we would believe him by the end of the ride, and he was right. After 22 miles, I wished I had worn spandex. If I had any. And I tried out Allen’s police bike, which is better than mine. It coasted, when mine didn’t. But the seat was harder, so I traded him back. Paul rode Tom’s old mountain bike, which he had found in our shed. Dad rode his Walmart bike, the one like mine, and later on, when we stopped for food on the way home, he hobbled around and told everybody we’d been on a 1,000 mile bike ride. Still, it was lots of fun. But we should have had bug repellant. I have lots of little bites around my face, and in my scalp. (I keep imagining I have lice.) Other than that, I can highly recommend Antelope Island as a great ride. If anybody else plans a bike ride there, count me in!
      Julie’s being baptized this Saturday, at 1:45 in the afternoon. Call John for details. Dad and I will be going to her confirmation on Sunday afternoon, because of the Saturday graduations. (Paul’s and Donna’s). John and Heather’s block is from 1 to 4, in the church on 5th North that’s closest to Smiths. There’s a dinner afterwards.
      Dad’s birthday is coming up, his big six-O, on May 27th. Since it’s a Sunday, I thought we could have a party at the cabin that night, and then anybody who wants to can stay over. (It’ll be warm enough to put mattresses in the greenhouse, if we have to.) It’s Memorial Day weekend, so most of us won’t have to be back home the next day. I’ll invite Grandma and Grandpa, too, since it’s Grandma’s birthday as well. I can’t promise anything as spectacular as the Yerf Dog two years ago, but it will be fun, all the same.
      Sharon is training for a 10K. She said it was hard finding one that wasn’t on a Sunday, but there’s a “Melon Days” race in August. Go, Sharon. Meanwhile, we’re still planning on Vanessa’s race on the 19th. I’m sure she’ll do great.
      What a wonderful family we have! I’m so proud of you all! Love, Mom