Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dear Kids,
      The newest blog on is Tom’s! He just started it last week. You can see a picture of his dream home in Heber (just kidding–it’s a dump, listed for $285). He also has pictures of the new barbecue rack, and the view from the top of the water tank. Of course all the blogs have great pictures. Missy’s blog shows them putting sod in their back yard, and Donna has some great pictures of their trip south. I check all the blogs every day, and I love reading everybody’s news.
      The birthday party barbecue Sunday night was lots of fun. We were so glad Grandma and Grandpa Allen could make it! Some highlights of the party and Memorial Day weekend were: (1) Grilling on the new barbecue rack! Thanks to Jerry Thacker! It worked great. I’m sure it will get lots of use now. (2) Observing DaveMatheny’s new goats next door. We’ve all been wondering what the weird “temple” was for, (aka the Rameumpton.) He told me it was a goat house, but I didn’t get it. Until I saw his new goats climbing to the top of it. You can see it on the new slide show in “Tom’s Photo Gallery.” The picture shows them halfway up, but they climb to the very top and stand there. (3) Bentley and Bevan fishing in the beaver pond. They caught two fish! One of the fish died because the hook went too deep, so they brought it home, and Bentley said he was going to eat it. (4) The flag raising on Memorial Day, and singing “God Bless America,” with Nora playing the guitar. Let’s make it a tradition! (5) The robin’s nest in the playhouse. Luckily the mother bird doesn’t scare easily. She came and went while different grandkids climbed up to look at her babies. So far, the baby birds are doing OK. (6) Dad and I mixing cement for my curbing. Ok, I know, that’s not new or memorable. I’ve been working on it forever. (7) There was lots more-- lots of food and fun and Yerf Dog rides and 4-Wheeler rides. Thanks to everybody who came and brought food and presents. I hope Dad sends out thank-you notes for all his loot. He really made a haul.
      Some of you are starting to ask about our family picture appointment at Mike Rogers’ house. So far, we’re still scheduled for 8:30 am on Saturday, July 7th, the day of Monica and Neil’s wedding. I know it’s early, but it’s the best I could do. Maybe the first ones of you to get there could have your individual family pictures taken, and then he can do us all together at the end. He has to leave at 10:00 am to do a wedding that was already scheduled, but of course, weddings always have priority with him. So the bottom line is, we’ll have to move fast, but you kids have always been quick for photographers. I remember standing in line for an hour at Kiddy Kandids with all nine of you kids, and just one baby ahead of us. When it was finally our turn, it took maybe 10 minutes for the lot of you. It’ll work.
      Missionary farewells are coming up. On June 17th, David Tregaskis and Austin James are both speaking in their own meetings, at 9:00 and 11:00 am. There are luncheons at both houses, afterwards. Since it’s also Fathers Day, Dad and I will be going to visit Grandpa Allen, too. That means we won’t be home all day, but it’s OK–Dad got plenty of attention on his birthday. But I’m sure he’ll enjoy taking calls on his cell phone.
      What a great family we have! I love you all!       Mom