Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dear Kids,
      Paul got a summer job! He has an internship with an engineering firm here in Salt Lake, working outside, taking soil samples for some kind of drilling they do. They’re paying him $12.00 an hour, and he can take the bus to work. Thanks to Bevan’s Dad for the tip! I knew Lloyd’s work involved getting jobs for engineering graduates of BYU, but I didn’t know he could also find jobs for engineering students headed to Utah State. I’m glad to know Paul will be well-employed, even though he won’t be going to the Tetons. Right now he’s down at Lake Powell, on a Hole-in-the-Rock expedition, so he’ll start the job next Monday.
      The graduations last Saturday went really well. Except for the weather. Wouldn’t you know I’d be driving through a snowstorm over Soldier Summit, both coming and going? But at least it was sunny in Price. Meanwhile, up in Logan, it was raining and snowing for Donna’s graduation. Dad rode with the Hawkins’, and they had a good time. Even Bevan’s brother and Grandfather came along! Meanwhile, back in Price, Tom and I sat through Paul’s graduation, and I was a little nostalgic, thinking I might never sit in the BDAC again, surrounded by cowboy boots and levis. Then, over in Sessions, watching Paul clean out his room, knowing the whole place will probably fall to the wrecking ball pretty soon. Lots of good memories there!
      Sunday we trekked up to Heber for Julie’s confirmation. (Her baptism was the day before. Nora and her kids and Grandma and Grandpa were able to be there.) It was fun to see John’s kids, like always, little Aubrey asleep on John’s lap during Church, Jacob and Aaron bouncing around with excitement. Julie looked very grown up in her special white dress (which, it turned out, was itching her) and she got some nice presents, which she didn’t expect at all. We had dinner at John’s house afterwards, and the Prices were there, too. Danny’s home from his mission in Russia, but he was still wearing his missionary tags. He flew in late Friday night, and they hadn’t had time to get him officially released yet.
      Meanwhile, in Michigan, it was Matthews blessing day. Too bad none of us could be there, or any Thackers, either. Sharon says her friends had a nice dinner for them afterwards. She has pictures on her blog. By the way, I’m going to finally do some work on our family website again, and I’m going to make hyperlinks from each family to their blogs. Now that we have Sharon, Nora, Missy, Kim, and even Donna blogging (all on blogspot,) it will be a lot easier for us to keep up with each others’ news. Also, I need to update all the pictures. They’re all at least a year old, some even older. So if you could send or e-mail me anything, I’ll put it up.
      I took Jana McGettigan to her chemo appointment last Friday. It was really eye-opening. Here are all these nice ladies in headscarves and wigs, getting their “poison” (Jana calls it) through an IV, as cheerful as they can be. They call it the “party room.” They read and sew and talk to each other to pass the time. It makes you think really seriously about your life.
      We’re looking forward to Dad’s birthday at the cabin on the 27th. I’m guessing the fun will start about five in the afternoon, or even sooner, if you want to come earlier. Why don’t you each bring your own meat to barbecue, and call me for a food assignment. With luck, Grandma and Grandpa will come, too. If you haven’t been to the cabin lately, it’s looking even better than before! Donna made up a shrub-planting design, and I’m trying to follow it. My main goal is the wedding on July 7th, but I’ve already done a lot of digging and raking and rock hauling and cement pouring. It’s all fun.
      Lots of love, Mom