Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dear Kids,
     Congratulations to Donna! She just got her scores from the licensing test she took last month, and of course she passed! She and Bevan are gong to celebrate by having dinner at the Spring Chicken Inn tonight. There's another part of the test that Donna has to take in December, but I'm sure she'll ace that one, too.
      Now here's something surprising: I’m going to take singing lessons! You don’t believe it? Ask Angi Evans. Her display at the Relief Society service auction advertised “Ten Voice Lessons.” When I saw that, I quit thinking about the two Marie Callender pies on the next table, and decided to put all my money on the voice lessons. (I’ve always wanted to do this, but when I was younger, I wouldn’t have dared.) I’m not sure who I was bidding against, but I kept piling on the money, and I won! My first lesson will be next Wednesday night. I’m very excited.
      Dad and I are readjusting to ordinary life, after our trip to Florida. I guess ordinary life is OK. I’m glad we don’t have so many insects here in Utah. I don’t know what bit us in Florida, but the itching goes on for days. After you’ve scratched off the scabs, you’re still itching, so you scratch some more and get new scabs. Other than the insects, we really loved the Keys. I uploaded some pictures onto, from the link on our main page, under the picture of Dad and me.
      Conference weekend was great! We enjoyed having so many of you at the cabin. I wasn’t sure how Dad felt about the high level of excitement, from so many kids, but on the way home, he said he wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world. By the way, I’ve had fun showing off the Mike Rogers picture of our whole big family. I took it to my mission reunion Sunday night, and passed it around. There were gasps of amazement.
      Wedding news: Michael Allen married his fiancé, Moka (a nickname for Margaret, I think) in California. According to Jeanne, they eloped. Moka has two kids, so that makes Rich and Jeanne . . . . . GRANDPARENTS! Congratulations to everybody!
      More interesting wedding news: Megan Kumar, in our ward, who Paul went on a date with last spring, is getting married. No, she isn’t marrying Paul–she’s traveling to India for an arranged marriage! (Her dad is from India, so you could say it’s part of her heritage.) Isn’t that wild! Evidently her dad set it up. She went to India for the engagement, and met the man, and we hear that he’s young and good looking. Go, Megan!
      Since today is Thursday, I’m leaving in a few minutes to go visit Grandma and Grandpa at the Seville. (What a fun place! I hope Dad and I can afford to live like that when we get old!) Last time I was there, we talked about Thanksgiving. It’s our turn to have Grandma and Grandpa, and they’re planning to come to the cabin. So you all know where to come this year! (It’s OK if it’s your turn at the in-laws, however.)
      We’re also looking forward to Nora and James’s baby blessing this Sunday. I think Nora has contacted all of you, and their sacrament meeting is at 9:00. They’re planning on eating after the block.
      What a great family! I love your blogs and your pictures. I love talking to you on the phone. Nobody ever had it so good! Mom