Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dear Kids,
      Can you believe Allen is in the news AGAIN?! He made a traffic stop in Centerville, and it solved at least nine crimes. Here’s the info from the Deseret News (October 20): Patrol officer Allen Ackerson stopped a 1999 Jeep Cherokee after it ran a stop sign Thursday morning. The car had expired dealer plates. Ackerson discovered the vehicle had been reported stolen earlier that day from NorthStar Auto in South Salt Lake. Inside the vehicle were numerous credit applications that had also been taken from the same dealership. The driver was also suspected of being under the influence of methamphetamine and possessed methamphetamine and marijuana. Burglary tools, about 100 car keys, a forged check taken in a burglary and drug scales and other drug paraphernalia were also found in the car. The driver was also driving on a revoked license and had two outstanding warrants for his arrest.”
      So there it is. Supercop Allen solves multiple crimes in one swoop. Way to go, Al!
      We had both Donna and Paul here for the weekend, or at least part of it. Paul came home for a wedding reception, and he went to the BYU game with Donna on Saturday. Donna was a deer-hunter widow for the weekend–that’s why she had the BYU tickets. They got cold and wet at the game, but they still came home cheerful. Meanwhile, Bevan was down in Huntington canyon, camping out with his Dad, waiting for that big buck. Which finally came along on Monday. Go, Bevan! Actually, he said, there were a lot of deer, and very few hunters. Probably because it was snowing and raining. Donna uncovered one of life’s big questions before Bevan left on the hunt, while he was getting ready. She wondered why hunters wear camouflage, supposedly to hide, but they also wear orange vests and hats, to be seen. Bevan had the perfect answer: “That’s just what we do.”
      I just got an e-mail from Bonnie that she wants me to pass on: The Seville has planned a fun Halloween party with food and games this coming Saturday (the 27th) at 3:00. All residents grandchildren (and greatgrandchildren) are invited. Mom and Dad would really love to see the kids in their costumes. Also, on Halloween night mom and dad will be at Lauries house for the evening, so maybe if you can't make the party, you could come say hi to them at Jacobsons. Laurie’s address is: 883 West 1720 North, Orem. Her phone number is: 801 221 2684.
      Grandma is going to have knee surgery on November 2nd. (This is the other knee, not the one she’s had done two times before.) We’re hoping it will give her some relief from the knee pain she’s having now. It hurts so much she can’t walk, so she has to go to the dining room in a wheelchair. Grandpa pushes her. He seems to have lots of energy these days, which we’re really happy to see.
      Grandma and I are finally working in earnest on the ancestor stories. I’m totally lost in the 19th century, with people and stories swirling around in my brain. So if I don’t return your phone calls or answer your e-mail, you can blame it on the ancestors. We’ll have a couple of pretty cool books for you when we get finished, whenever that is.
      Lots of love to you all, Mom