Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dear Kids,
      Wahoo! Another grandbaby on the way! Congratulations to Vanessa and Trent! They’re having a girl, and she’s due on February 18th. Yep, Vanessa is already five months along. You can barely tell, even if you look closely. So, counting back, Vanessa did her triathalon when she was 10 weeks along. What an iron woman! And what about that Ogden Marathon? It was in May. Well, if there’s anybody tougher than Vanessa, I’d like to know.
      Little Stuart’s baby blessing on Sunday was lots of fun. I don't know how the rest of the meeting went, because right after the blessing, I took Paige out into the hall, and then outside, where we walked around. During Sunday School time I went to Nora’s Gospel Essentials class, and then I got Paige again (that child of woe!) We went into the nursey, where we found Vanessa with Meg. So we had fun. (Later that night, I was talking to my sister Bonnie on the phone, and she reminded me how they always divided up our kids. She said she always got Tom and Allen. Funny, it’s all a blur to me now.) The after-party, at Nora and James’s house, was great. Good food. Lots of people. It’s always fun to see the old Teton friends, Dave Mikkelson, and Robyn and Dave Noel. I wish I had Teton friends.
      But I’m not completely friendless. Tuesday I went bike riding along the Jordan River Parkway with Kathy Montoya. We wanted to ride over the new pedestrian bridge at 39th South, but they were working on it, so we crossed in the traffic. But the trail going south from there is really nice! We had perfect weather, too. Say, if anybody wants to ride on that Parkway trail for family home evening sometime, count us in! You can even haul your bikes in our truck. After our ride, Kathy and I went shopping at Savers and tried on clothes. I got a great polyester blouse.
      My sod project at the cabin is really coming along! The sod is creeping up the hill! However, winter is creeping up on us, but hopefully there will be at least a couple more weekends when I can work on it. Getting the sod has been easy, so far. Donna pitched it to her boss as a “reclamation” project, and he’s willing to let us have everything they don’t use. Bentley and Emma help me dig up the dirt and rake it out. Tom and Bevan have helped me haul the sod where we need it. No wonder it’s going so well!
      And, more news about me: I had my first voice lesson this morning, from Angi Evans. She showed me how to breathe, and then she had me sing up and down the keyboard, doing strange things with my mouth. She says I need more volume, but up until now, I’ve always tried to sing as softly as possible, so I won’t annoy anybody. She showed me how to use my diaphragm to project my voice, but I realized I’ve done that all my life, hollering down the stairs to wake kids up in the morning. So I’m halfway there.
      Is anybody making plans for Thanksgiving yet? We get Grandpa and Grandma Allen this year, so that might help you make up your minds. It will be our usual mad brawl at the cabin.
      Lots of Love, Mom