Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dear Kids,
      Allen just called a little while ago, asking for Dad. He wanted to talk to him about a UTA hit-and-run in Centerville. Seems the bus turned around in someone’s driveway, and took out their mailbox. UTA settled for $2,000, to pay for the new mailbox. Hey, they can turn around in our driveway anytime! I think our mailbox is worth even more than that!
      If you look on Nora’s blog, you can read about the Kamas Turkey Trot. She and Kim cleaned up on the prizes! It was Saturday morning, at the fitness center. Kim did a 5k loop around Kamas, and Nora did a 1-mile walk on the track, pushing Stu in his stroller. Nora won second for her age group, and brought home a pumpkin pie. Kim took third, so she didn’t win any official prizes, but she brought home armloads of leftover treats–potato chips, go-gurts, fruit . . . all of it free. It didn’t even cost them anything to enter the race. What a deal! Our tax dollars at work, I guess. Maybe we all oughta join in next year.
      Grandma is doing great with her new knee. She even had the energy to escape from Berkshire, the rehab center. It was like a prison. I should have wondered why they didn’t have phones in the rooms! Her therapist was downright sadistic, not letting her have pain meds before her therapy, or oxygen during the sessions. He wouldn’t let any visitors watch what he was doing. Grandma says he seemed to enjoy hurting people. She asked him what he was so angry about, and he said it was his ex-wife. He was working on another man in the room, and when the man complained, the therapist said he would have to get used to it, because he was stuck there. Then Grandma told him, “Well, I’m not stuck here!” She checked out and got herself moved to Orchard, the place that Justin runs. Her new therapist is very gentle. She’s making good progress, and should be out in a few more days. We’re hoping that she and Grandpa can have Thanksgiving with us at the cabin.
      I spent Tuesday in Orem, taking Grandpa back and forth to Orchard to visit Grandma. My brother Mark showed up there, and we talked for a while. I asked him about his divorce. (Most of you know that he and Heather have been separated for several weeks.) He said it’s a done deal. They did the quick kind, where you don’t divide things up. If you have problems later, you go back to court. But it’s all pretty sad. Heather is going out with her old high school boyfriend. She’s even bringing him to Thanksgiving dinner at her mom’s house. Mark is going to Boise with Katie’s family.
      If you check “Tom’s Photo Gallery” on our home page, you’ll see that he put up a slideshow from October conference. There are some great pictures of kids smashing the pinata. We’ve gotta have the cutest grandkids in the world! Some of the adults are pretty cute, too. Only trouble with Tom’s slideshows is, we don’t see Tom! So that’s what happens when you’re the official photographer.
      I guess we won’t see many of you for Thanksgiving, but Christmas will be great! We’ll put out more details when it gets closer.
      Lots of love, Mom