Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dear Kids,
      Yay, it snowed! Well, not very much, but at least there’s white stuff on the ground. Our dead front lawn is covered over! And now that there’s snow, I can get serious about Christmas. I’m makin’ my list and checkin’ it twice. I received at least 15 toy catalogs in the mail this year (they’ve got my number now) so I’ve had lots of fun going through them. And ordering stuff online. Christmas shopping is totally different now.
      Donna and Bevan came by last night after Donna went to traffic school in Murray. Yep, she had a ticket a few weeks ago, and had to work it off. (Not so different from the penalty charts I used to have on the refrigerator.) Donna’s working with Bevan at Deer Valley now, since the landscaping is a little slow right now. Paul is hoping to work at Deer Valley too, during his Christmas break, but it all depends on how many regulars show up from last year. I’m grateful to Paul for playing four chess games with me during Thanksgiving. Sure, he beat me three times, but it prepped me up for playing Terry Coon Sunday night. We were having study group here, and of course Terry wanted to come early and start a game of chess. I beat him the last time we played, so he was all geared up. But I got a little advantage early on, and then I happened to mention that I didn’t want to blow my lead, like those poor Utes. That hit him where it hurt–he’s a big Ute fan. So every time I wanted to rattle him, I mentioned those poor Utes again. Of course it wasn’t fair, but I won. I’ve gotta use all my tricks, when I play Terry.
      I’ve also discovered how to play chess online. It’s endlessly fascinating, moving your pieces, and watching the other pieces move, and it could be anybody in the whole world you’re playing against. But I’m trying to limit myself to one game every night, after my work is done.
      Jeanne and Melissa came into town last night, and Dad picked them up at the airport. In their car, of course. Then they came here and visited for a while, before they drove to Jeanne’s parents house. It was nice to see them again. There’s a big hole in our family, since they moved to Canada. If you want to keep up on their doings, Megan has a blog at Right now there are some funny pictures of Jack, their dog. He hates the cold Canadian weather, and stays in the house all the time. Matt, in his missionary letters, always says hello to Jack. Can you imagine anybody missing a cat that much?
      We’re looking forward to all the Christmas fun. Nora’s gingerbread party is Saturday afternoon, December 15th. She’ll send us all more information. We’ll have our usual sledding party the day after Christmas. Sharon and her kids are coming January 8th, and I can’t remember if Seth is coming then too, or later. But it will be like Christmas all over again. Monica and Neil, don’t you guys think you could make a Christmas trip to Utah? Is there a time when you’re both free?
      Meanwhile, we’re doin’ great and lovin’ it.