Friday, November 2, 2007

Dear Kids,
      Halloween was a blast. I love how it goes on for days and days. We didn’t get to see Al and Missy’s kids on Halloween, so they came over last night, with their costumes on. We still had trick or treat candy! Our neighborhood has gotten really weird, as far as trick or treating goes. On Halloween night, we had a batch of about 25 Polynesian kids (the grandkids of the older couple across the street,) all in one group, with their pillowcases and plastic pumpkins. And then there were just a few more, here and there. The McGettigans and Fultons always indulge us by stopping by and letting us take their pictures. (Tyler McGettigan was Harry Potter. All he needed was the scar on his forehead added on–the rest was authentic Tyler.) So Halloween night was pretty quiet. Nora brought her kids to our house on Halloween afternoon, and I gave them candy and took their pictures. Tom and Kim were taking their kids to Heber, so I asked Tom to take pictures of his own kids and John’s, and put them up on his blog. For me, it’s all about the pictures. Vanessa, I hope we’ll get some pictures of your kids. Sharon, I’m sure you’ll put some up on your blog.
      Grandma Allen is having knee surgery this morning. She’s really optimistic this time. Naturally we all need to pray for her anyway. Yesterday I spent a few hours with her, taking her to the hospital for her pre-op tests, and then to get her hair done. I’ve never met her hairdresser, Joyce, but I’ve heard about her for years, so it was fun to sit there in the salon and watch her work. She knows everything about my brothers and sisters–all the dirt! More than I even would put in the family letter! Wow.
      It looks like we’ll be having a quiet Thanksgiving. Allen’s family is coming to the cabin for sure, and hopefully Grandma and Grandpa, if Grandma is OK to travel by then. Maybe we’ll have Tom and Kim. Vanessa–we haven’t heard from you, so I assume you guys are staying in Pocatello. Or going to some exotic vacation destination. And Paul . . . we hope you’re not going to some girlfriend’s house instead of coming home. So there won’t be very many of us. But it will still be fun.
      And Christmas is coming up fast, too. We’ll be having our usual day-after-Christmas sledding party at the cabin, on December 26th. (Who could believe Halloween is over and we’re already thinking about Christmas?) Nora and James are going to be Mary and Joseph in their ward’s Christmas Pageant. Little Stu is going to be the baby Jesus. Stu is the only baby in their ward, so he gets lots of attention. I’m sure he’ll be great in the pageant, not crying. (Of course the real baby Jesus never cried. We know that from the songs.)
      I don’t have any other news this week. Nothing fit to print, as the old saying goes.
      Lots of love, Mom