Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dear Kids,
      It’s been one snowstorm after another. Isn’t it great? I go out and shovel every day. Barry’s out there with his snow blower, but I think a plain old shovel is faster. That is, if you’ve got cement underneath. The gang at the cabin is using the snow blower, I presume. And they’re burning lots of wood, to keep warm. They’ve gone through that gigantic wood pile in record time. They’re even talking about going to Blazzard lumber for slabs. Meanwhile, here at the house, our cats are getting friendlier. (You know, “the deeper the snow, the friendlier the cat.”) Rat Cat came running in last night and hid himself, and then later he showed up on our bed. He even purred and made starfish paws, so we wouldn’t throw him out.
      The birds are having it rough, too. There’s a big gang of blackbirds that swoops down every day and picks off any cat foot in the pan. I put out some seeds for them, but they ignored them. Now what kind of bird wants cat food? Probably some mutants. Maybe that’s why Rat Cat was so eager to get inside. He’s always been a coward.
      I did the food for Jody Barfuss’s wedding last Saturday, which they held at Arbor Manor, a reception center on 4700 South, behind Marie Callenders. Dad came along to help, and Nora, too, and also Ellen Fulton and Janae Wilken and Renae Reeves from our ward. It was lots of fun. After a while we were way ahead with the sandwiches and cheese skewers, so we sat at a table and visited with people. All the old-timers came back: the Simpsons and the Andersons and the Pistoriuses. It was great fun. Larry and Carolyn Bunkall sat at our table for a while, and of course I can’t write anything sensitive, but Larry picked up a brochure from the lady who runs the reception center. Now what could that mean? A wedding coming up in our favorite family, the Bunkalls? I’ll keep you posted.
      I signed up to be an election worker on Super Tuesday next week. They were so hard up for people, they made me a Techie. I’m supposed to be the one who trouble-shoots the voting machines. There’s phone support, so I’m not too worried. I’ve been to two training sessions already. But there’s something odd about the guys who run those sessions. They can’t stand me! I don’t know what their problem is, but when I start asking reasonable questions, they glare at me. Like they think I’ll just get up and leave, because they don’t like me. I glare back. Our tax money is paying their salaries. Like the garbage men. They don’t have to like us. Anyway, I think the election on Tuesday is going to be lots of fun. I’m sure Utah will go for Romney, even if nobody else does.
      The next time I fix Sunday dinner will be February 10th. Our last one was such a blast! Of course having Sharon and Seth there added a lot. Too bad things have quieted down now.
      I love you all! Mom