Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dear Kids,
      Sharon arrived on Tuesday with Charlie and Matthew, so it’s been nonstop fun ever since. Well, her arrival wasn’t exactly fun. Matthew was bare-bellied, wrapped in an airline blanket, because he had thrown up on both his shirts. Sharon was hauling him on one arm, a 40-pound car seat with the other arm, and Charlie was trailing along behind. (Their stroller had been packed with the luggage.) We finally got all their baggage and other stuff, and hauled it to our house, and got everybody settled in. The boys were delighted with Simba, and Charlie followed her around. We got out lots of toys and lots of cheerios, and we’ve used lots of wipes. Charlie had an accident on the bathroom rug, so we threw it into the washing machine, along with Matthew’s clothes from the flight. Matthew threw up on the living room sofa and carpet, so I got the scrub brush and a bowl of soapy water, and cleaned it all up. Simba had an accident on the kitchen floor, so I cleaned that up too. But really, it’s been lots of fun. Sharon and Nora and all the kids have gone to Pocatello to visit Vanessa, but they’re supposed to be home tonight.
      Bevan’s parents have returned from their trip to Massachusetts, so I took Simba home today. Now I sort of miss her. How often do you find a cat who likes to sit on your lap and purr? She also liked to sleep on our bed. But one night I reached over and felt her next to me, and lifted her up to take her out. I was half asleep, and all I could think was, “Oh, Simba, we’ve been feeding you way too much!” Because she weighed a ton. Well, it was Xena, who was also in bed with us. I tossed them both out.
      Sunday night Dad and I drove Paul back to Logan, where we helped him haul his stuff into his apartment, and we met a couple of his roommates. They seemed really nice, and the apartment was really clean! I was very impressed. On our drive back home, we stopped by Brigham City to visit Andy and Renae. They were home alone! Just like Dad and I usually are! They told us Gary is now engaged. Her name is Carly Benham, and she grew up in Illinois and Kansas. She and Gary are getting married May 3rd in the Nauvoo Temple. Andy says she looks like Jodie Foster, and talks like her, too. We also learned that Dan and Amanda are moving to Albuquerque, and they’re buying a house in Rachel’s ward! Dan has a job with Sandia Labs. Andrea and Dan Hill are loving St. George, but they’ve had a bit of culture shock, coming from China. I told Andy it would be easier for us to keep up with his kids of they had a family web page, and he said, “I wouldn’t dream of putting my letters to my kids on the internet, for everybody to read!” Maybe I shouldn’t be so daring either, but who’s going to be that interested in what our cats are doing?
      Remember I’m fixing Sunday Dinner on January 20th. Let me know if you’re coming. We’ll eat at 4:30.
      Lots of luck and love to everybody! Mom