Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dear Kids,
      Yesterday I was surfing around people’s blogs, looking for news, when I checked in on Tom’s, not expecting to find anything new. But what a surprise! Kim is now adding to the blog, and there’s all kinds of information and new posts. You’ll get a kick out of “sledding with goats.” There are even pictures of the goats looking into the windows of the cabin. By the way, I’m enjoying everybody’s blogs. Even if you don’t write that often, it’s a great way to keep us up on your family news. I didn’t even know that Nora got her new couch, until I looked on her blog. I thought it was lost forever in the Bassett warehouse.
      Friday night Sharon and I went snowboarding on Chickadee, the free bunny hill at Snowbird. Only it’s not free any more. It costs $7.00. Which was fine with us, since there weren’t so many kids. After all the freeloaders were kicked off the hill, we practically had the place to ourselves. It was snowing the whole time, and the snow was really tacky, so we never fell down! This was pretty much Sharon’s first time, and she did great! She learned to turn in both directions, and pretty soon she was carving down the hill like a pro. I’m amazed at the abilities you kids have. Tomorrow Dad and I are going to Brighton, and even Dad amazes me. If he’d been out on a snowboard as many times as I have, he’d be doing the half-pipe. But tomorrow we’ll probably be sticking to the green runs. I persuaded him to get the whole day off work, so we should have a blast.
      Seth arrived last Tuesday, and right now he and Sharon and the kids have gone to Upalco. Mike and Collette (Seth’s sister) are having their little adopted baby girl sealed to them in the Vernal temple, and Friday night they’re coming back to West Jordan for her blessing, which they’re having at their house. The baby’s birth mother is coming, which I think is really cool. In fact, the sealing and baby blessing were the main reasons for Sharon and Seth’s trip to Utah. They have to go home next Tuesday, so if you want one last visit with them, you can come to dinner here at 4:30 this Sunday. Just let me know. Also, they might be going sledding at the cabin on Saturday.
      Does anybody in our family have smelly hair? I hope it’s not common. Anyway, if you do, don’t look for help in the shampoo section of Walmat. There isn’t anything. I even asked the pharmacist, and she frowned at me and told me no, there’s nothing. But I found a cure. If you want to know, ask me. I’m not about to write it in the family letter. Why would I put such sensitive information out there, for everybody to read?
      Love you lots! Hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it! Mom