Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dear Kids,
      I just got back from an exhilarating 41-mile bike ride. It would have been longer, but the Jordan River Parkway was flooded at 7800 south. There’s an underpass, and the water was about two feet deep in there. I would have waded through, but it was kind of cool, and I wouldn’t have dried out very soon. So I turned around. In lots of places, the river is over its banks. The duck families love it. There are several moms and pops with their ducklings on the side of the river, and out swimming. You might wonder how they keep the kids separate, since they all look alike, but there’s always one parent with its neck out, keeping any stray ducklings out of their group. There’s lots of other wildlife out and about. I saw a white bunny, which might have escaped from somebody’s yard. And a Siamese cat jumping through the weeds.
      Paul called for the first time today from Halifax. He has a new cell phone, and the number is 902 789 0618. He won’t be using his T-Mobile number in Canada, since it’s about a dollar a minute. (Monica, he says he’s sending you a check for some extra charges. The first couple of days, they had trouble getting their new cell phones, and he had to use T-Mobile.) Paul’s work is going pretty well, considering it’s the first week. He’s been doing about two installs a day. He says it’s been raining all the time. I asked him if there were any Frenchies around, and he says only a few. Most of the sales reps are from Calgary.
      Dad and I were at the cabin last Saturday, and Bentley and Tom demonstrated how to make cake in a cup. You mix half a cup of cake mix, and some milk (I can’t remember how much), then put a little oil in a mug, swirl it around, pour in the mix, and nuke it for a couple of minute. Presto! You have cake! I wouldn’t have believed it. I’ll have to check again on the exact recipe. Tom said it’s a good way to use up cake mix that otherwise might not get used, because a whole cake might sit around and get stale. Funny, I don’t remember that ever happening in our house.
      Life is good! Love, Mom