Friday, May 1, 2009

Dear Kids,
      Tom and Kim’s announcement is old news by now, but if any of you have been absent from the planet, they’re having a girl! Bentley wasn’t pleased. I think everybody else is happy about it, especially Emma. Kim is happy about the fact that the ultrasound pushed back her due date, to September 23. She says, with the start of school and all they have going, it will give them more time.
      Other baby news: Jamie and Andrea are expecting in December. They’re really thrilled. Let’s hope everything goes OK for them. They’ve been trying for a long time. Carly and Levi have also been trying, but nothing has worked so far, so they would appreciate everybody’s prayers. Other cousins and their due dates: Dan and Amanda this month, and Richard and Diedra in October. Moka annouced her pregnancy in March, but I don’t know when the baby’s due. I think Grandma and Grandpa will have more than 80 great-grandchildren by then. Any other announcements I don’t know about?
      Paul is in Ann Arbor today, hanging out with Sharon and Seth. I called to see how he was doing, and they were trying to get into the football stadium. He left early Wednesday morning and drove as far as Omaha, and then yesterday he drove all the way to Sharon’s house. Tomorrow he’s driving to Boston, and then on Sunday to Halifax. Go, Paul!
      I went to see Dr. Rhodes this morning about my aching toe. I broke it almost two years ago, just before Monica’s wedding, and it never really healed. Dr. Rhodes remembers doing surgery on all your toenails! (Except for Vanessa, I think.) He was surprised that you’re all grown up. I was surprised to see he has a few gray hairs. It’s been twenty years since we first started trooping into his office. So we had fun catching up. He x-rayed my toe, and the break healed OK, but there’s a neuroma (swollen nerve) from the injury, and it’s causing the pain. He injected it with cortisone, the magical cure-all. If that doesn’t help, he can operate on it.
      You know it’s spring when the magpies start diving into the catfood pan for cat chow. I thought the neighbor cats were bad, but this is even more aggravating. Pellet gun, anyone?
      I usually fix Sunday dinner on the second Sunday of the month, which would be the 9th, but that’s Mothers Day, and Dad and I will be driving to Orem. So I’ll be cooking dinner this Sunday, day after tomorrow, the 3rd. I know it’s short notice, but let me know if you want to come. The month of May crept up on us. It still seems like March.
      Lots of Love, Mom