Friday, May 15, 2009

Dear Kids,
      The Windstar turned over on 250,000 miles Sunday night. Dad and I were driving home from Orem, when I noticed it was at 249,999, so we both watched it turn. Who knows if it will make it to 300,000? I had an exciting bike odometer event this morning, too. Well, it’s not really the odometer, but the distance meter, which I reset every time I go on a long ride. For the first time, I watched it turn over on 50 miles. (I was in the Church parking lot, nearly home.) That was a great moment for me. I wanted to knock on somebody’s door and say, “I just rode 50 miles!”
      Wednesday night Heath Parker came by to visit, and he brought his 2-year-old daughter Penny. (They have a 6-month-old daughter, too, but she was off with her mom). They live near Seattle and Heath works for Boeing. He has a B.A. in accounting, a MBA, and half of a law degree. He won’t be finishing the law degree for two more years, because he’s just taking night classes. He was telling us that things are different outside of Utah, and we said we know that, because we’ve been a lot of places. We told him that our Windstar had been to Canada and Mexico and Nauvoo and Baltimore and Albuquerque and Phoenix, and had made countless trips to Pocatello, Logan, Price, Heber, and of course, to the cabin. He said, “Well, if you want to drive your 250K up to Seattle, I can show you around Boeing.” Dad was drooling as Heath described the different planes they make. There’s a hanger 7 stories high! One of the Boeing plants is in Everett. Road trip, Donna and Bevan? It sounds tempting. Heath sends warm greetings to Monica!
      Speaking of Monica, she gave me a lead on a cat groomer called the furminator. (Sounds like a cross between and exterminator and a fumigator.) It’s supposed to take out the cat’s winter undercoat all at once, instead of having it shed for weeks. Monica used it on Ramona and pulled out a whole bagful of fur! Sounds good to me! I ordered one from Amazon. I’m tired of getting fur in my nose every time I pick up a cat.
      Memorial Day weekend is coming up fast! Dad and I are going to be at the cabin from Friday afternoon until Monday evening. Does anybody want to do a barbecue on Monday? Let me know.
      Lots of love, Mom