Friday, September 4, 2009

Dear Kids,
      Good news from Al–he’s going to be a detective! Missy says on her blog that Allen calls it a lateral transfer, but we think it’s a pretty big deal. A detective in the family! Who would’ve thought?
      Dad and I had great fun putting the metal roof on the ag shed at the cabin last Friday and Saturday. Thanks to Donna and Bevan for helping out!!! The trouble with metal panels is that they interlock, and you can’t tell until you get part way across the roof whether you’ve got them lined up square with the edge of the roof or not. We didn’t, so we had to take out all the screws and push it level. When Dad and I were doing the back of the roof, we had the same problem, but nobody else was around. So we took out all the screws again, and here came the whole roof, sliding at me. Lots of fun, when you’re standing on scaffolding. We got it right, finally. Now we only have to finish the edges and the top cap when we go back. I have to say it’s the best-looking metal roof I ever saw. And we saved $1300, doing it ourselves. Now how shall I spend the $1300?
      When I was visiting Grandma and Grandpa yesterday, Grandma suddenly said she needed her oxygen, but it didn’t seem to help. She wanted her big machine, but it was in the bedroom, and on the way in there she could hardly walk. She was having chest pains, too, so I called 911. Boy, am I glad for emergency personnel! They were there in about two minutes. They bundled her off in the ambulance, and Grandpa and I followed in the car. We figured Grandma was doing all right, though, because the siren wasn’t blaring, the lights weren’t flashing, and the ambulance stopped at all the red lights. In the emergency room, they started all kinds of tests to find out what was wrong, but evidently it wasn’t a heart attack. I couldn’t stick around until it was all finished, so Nancy came and spelled me off. Whew! You don’t need scares like that.
      Dad and I are both on facebook now. What fun! I’m already friends with Mike Winder, Jennifer Strassburg, and Bret Bassett. Boy, do I feel connected! I can see why people waste hours wandering around on there. You find out stuff you never expected to know.
      Lots of love, Mom