Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dear Kids,
      I’ve slacked off on writing my weekly letters, but it’s so hard to type with one hand, especially if it’s your left. Other things you can’t do with one hand: sweep the floor, floss your teeth, make a bed, put on levis, curl your hair, push ctrl-alt-del on a keyboard. I’ve started teaching piano again, and yesterday I went back to chess club, but it’s all hard. Thanks to those of you who have come and helped me, Donna and Nora especially. It’s so nice to have someone mop the floor or change the sheets on our bed!
      Dad and I really enjoyed the baptisms last Saturday! That’s got to be unusual, three cousins being baptized together, by their dads. We were so proud of them all! If I looked really spacey, it’s because I was. Am. I still take percocet around the clock to deal with the pain. I hope it will improve sometime soon.
      On Sunday I had Dad drive me to the Litehouse Branch, because I didn’t feel like walking, and I persuaded him to stay for the whole meeting. I sort of felt like a missionary, really hopeful for my investigator. Alas, it didn’t take. I thought he might have fun listening through the headphones, but he didn’t. I guess he won’t be coming back any time soon.
      I’ve had a good time reading books, for a change, and not just listening to them. Also, I’m trying to finish up the family histories on Grandma’s side, before Christmas. There’s still enough to fill up the 24 hours in a day.
      I love you all! Please remember me in your prayers.
      Love, Mom