Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dear Kids,
      Most of you have heard about my bike accident last Friday. Donna and I had done a nice ride on the Jordan River Parkway, and we were heading home on 41st South, riding on the shoulder, when I turned around to tell her something. We needed to ride up onto the sidewalk, before the intersection. When I looked back to where we were going, I could see I would be hitting a curb at the wrong angle, but it was too late. I crashed down on my bike and landed on my right shoulder. Donna helped me get into the shade, and then she rode home in 8 minutes (from 22nd West) and came back with the car. She drove us to Instacare, where they x-rayed me and said I had broken my clavicle (collar bone). It’s a terribly painful injury, and I’m on pain pills 24-7. Since Bevan was on the deer hunt (muzzle loaders) Donna was able to stay until Saturday afternoon, and help me (while Dad worked on her car.) There’s all kinds of things you can’t do with one hand, and since my right arm is bound up next to me in a harness, I only have my left hand. (I’m learning to type, buy it’s very slow.) Nora came Monday and helped clean. Stuart had his brown stuffed bear, and I must have fallen asleep, because when I woke up he had laid it next to my face. It was very comforting!
      Why do they put pills in such adultproof containers? Especially for people who can use only one hand! I had been careful to not screw the lid back on, but I must have forgotten in the middle of the night, because the next morning I couldn’t get the lid off. I can tell you that you get desperate when it’s time for a pill! I got a hammer and smashed the container. Luckily I didn’t crush any of the pills!
      Our plans for conference weekend have totally changed. Dad and I probably won’t be at the cabin at all. I know some of you have made different plans now, too. We’ll definitely be at the baptisms the following week. I might not be able to pay the piano, though.
      I’m sure there’s more to say, but my brain is foggy.
      I love you all! Mom