Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dear Kids,
      My life is still on hold as I cope with my broken collar bone. I still wear my harness and take my pain pills, and I still can’t drive, cook, make the bed, play the piano, or do much else that’s fun. I’m still typing with my left hand only, and it’s still very slow, and I make a lot of mistakes. I had signed up to help out with the elections next Tuesday, but I had to bail out, because a big part of my job is setting up the voting machines, and nobody would want me doing that one-handed and maybe dropping one on the ground.
      Miraculously, I finished printing the family histories, with lots of help from Dad. The drum on the printer went bad, of course, half way through, and it took a couple of trips to Cartridge World, and a couple of orders from Amazon, to finally get it right. The night I finished printing, I was up till midnight stacking papers and packing them in boxes, and my shoulder felt like we’d been through the Civil War. The next morning Michelle Higham (my visiting teacher) drove me and the boxes to Schaffer Bindery. It was a tremendous relief. By the time the books are done, and I have to pack them up and mail them, I hope I won’t be such an invalid.
      Thanksgiving is coming up Nov. 26th, and I’m planning to cook a turkey at the cabin, along with dressing and potatoes and pie. If you want to join us for dinner, let me know, and tell me what you want to bring. It’ll be lots of fun, whoever is there. Donna has insulated the bunkhouse, so maybe some of us can sleep out there! There might be snow on the sledding hill, if today is any indication.
      Tom and Kim are planning to have Abby’s baby blessing on December 6th. That will be a great occasion, too. They’ll tell us more when it gets closer.
      I love you all!