Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dear Kids,
      Nora and Vanessa are both having boys! And both of their due dates have been moved up a week. Meanwhile, Donna is hoping they don’t move up her due date. She’s due the day after the BYU-Utah game, and she wants to have football completely over with when the baby comes. This should be interesting!
      Vanessa and Trent have moved into the new house, but as of Sunday night, they still hadn’t closed on it. Vanessa said, “We’re squatters.” I’m sure it will all work out all right. They’re glad to have a big flat yard where the kids can run around without falling off the cliff, and a level street where they can ride their bikes. Vanessa still doesn’t know when Sterling’s baptism will be. I’m sure they’ll let us all know in plenty of time.
      Oreo is still seeing his magpie, but when he notices me watching, he walks back to the house with lots of dignity. The magpie has no dignity at all, and screeches at him all the time. After all, what’s a mate for?
      The McGettigans advertised the ducks on KSL.com and gave them away that same night, to a woman who said she had a farm. Who would believe it? I thought it was strange when Seth’s dad sold his herd of cows online.
      Life is busy, and I love you all! Mom