Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dear Kids,
      Spring is finally here! It’s been a long wait. This morning I went out to our garden to spray weeds and I found a Hoppy Taw in the dirt. Anybody know what that is? I would have died to have one back in 5th grade. Instead, I used a rubber heel from a shoe. (Waah, waah!)
      Dad and I visited Grandma and Grandpa last Saturday afternoon, and Grandma was doing a lot better than two weeks earlier. She was sitting up in her recliner knitting, but she said she was having trouble counting the stitches. Grandpa had to help her. We talked about birds. Grandma wanted to know what birds we have at the cabin now. I told her about the sandhill cranes, and we looked them up in her bird book. I wish we could take Grandma and Grandpa bird watching, like we’ve done before! So many fun things with them are behind us now!
      We’re looking forward to Paul’s graduation on Saturday. Nora and Addie and Isaac and Donna and Bevan and Anna are riding to Logan with us. Luckily our car seats eight! When we bought it, I figured that extra seat would come in handy! When we all drove to Pocatello together last summer for Sterling’s baptism, we fit into the Windstar, because Nora and Donna hadn’t had their babies yet. But back to the graduation–I’m excited. There probably won’t be many more, until the grandkids start walking. Kim’s sister McKenzie is graduating, too, so Tom and his family have two ceremonies to attend.
      Dad and I spent last Friday night at the cabin, and sure enough, it snowed. There were about four inches on the ground Saturday morning. A dejected-looking robin was wandering around in the snow, probably looking for worms. Or nesting materials. I’m sure the snow has melted for him by now. Maybe he’s the same fellow who built his nest in the play fort a couple of years ago. I’m hoping the magpies will keep their distance this year. If not, the pellet rifle is ready!
      So much going on! Gotta love it! Mom