Friday, May 20, 2011

Dear Kids,
      My last two letters have started out with joyous declarations that spring is finally here. Well, it isn’t. We’ve had non-stop rain and snow all week, and my only bike ride was a quick jaunt to the Harmon Home yesterday, between showers. Dad and I woke up to lightening and thunder this morning, and then hail. They had two feet of new snow at Alta yesterday. The snowpack on the Provo River drainage is now 300% of normal. Does this sound like spring?
      But it’s supposed to dry out, sort of. And warm up, sort of. Dad and I are in charge of a High Priests’ party at the cabin tomorrow afternoon, and it’s supposed to be 60 degrees, with only 20% chance of rain. That sounds really good. I have to call everybody tonight and tell them the good news. We don’t want anybody scared off.
      There’s lots more going on tomorrow. Missy’s lupus walk. Nora’s triathalon. Vanessa’s family is doing a half-marathon in Ogden. It’s Monica’s baby shower in Tucson. I think we all wish we could be everywhere at the same time.
      Are any of you guys up for a Memorial Day picnic at the cabin on Monday, the 30th? It can be Dad’s birthday party, too.  And it can be a 10-year birthday party for the cabin,  since it was on Memorial Day of 2001 that we rented the truck and moved in all the cabin furniture. Anyways, if you want to come to a picnic on the 30th, let me know, and we can plan food. I’m thinking noon for a barbecue, but we can adjust that to fit peoples’ schedules.
      In a few minutes I’m leaving for Heber, because it’s grandparents’ day for the third graders at JR Smith Elementary (Jacob, Bentley). That should be fun. Once I get past Parley’s Summit, where it’s snowing.
      Life is good! I love you all! Mom